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last updated 6 Dec 2022

I'm in the process of replacing a dilapidated deck and have been looking into options.
When I create a web page like this I like to leave options for needs of a variety of people.
What I have here is just a start based on my needs, but I'd like to expand it.

Decks and Patios
Deck Notes
Yard Play Sets

Space Requirements:
Picnic table: table with benches 5'W x 6'L table only mine 2'- 4" x 6' - Leave 3' on each side for chairs and serving - 8.5x12

Source Trex

Yard Play Sets

Athletic Court Dimensions I don't have room for this but grew up on a farm where I did and set up a dirt tennis court.

Horseshoe stakes are 40' apart.

Play Sets: small 8W x 8 lx 6H - 9x10x8 Large: 14x22 Hammock: 5'x13' :stand 15' long allow 9' width for 2' swing each way. Kids 75 sq ft per child Links:
Picnic Tables
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