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History in some sense is defined by conflicts. They fall into a variety of categories:

  Political (Empire/Dynasty/Nation building)
  Social (Racial and Ethnic Constructions, Social and Economic Classes ) 
  Cultural (Religions – Belief Systems, Philosophies, and Ideologies
  Economic (Trade and Commerce – Labor Systems  – Capitalism and Socialism )
Paleolithic (2M - 12,000 years ago): all people had equal jobs because they were focused on survival, so the society was egalitarian pastoralists were nomads as well, so they were solely focused on survival.

See more at Rational for Wars

Wars, Battles and Empires

AD | 1000 | 1300 | 1800 | 1900 | WW II | Arab-Israeli | 1950 | 1970 | 1990 | 2000

DateWar/Battle/Empirewho whereDeaths
5000-220 BC Early Chinese Yangshao, Longsham, Xia, Shang, Zhou    
3000-2000 BC Sumerian Empire Mesopotamia  
3000-200 BC Egyptian Empire N. Africa
1193-1184 BC Trojan Wars
1120-1030 BC Babylon
967-609 BC Assyrian
1000 BC Israel defeat the Philistines Israel (the people) takes the promised land, what is now Israel.
900 BC Judah defeats Israel 2 Chronicles 13:17 500,000
900 BC - Chávin de Huántar Andean Civilization in Norte Chico region of Peru
586 BC Babylonians take Israel Israel  
650-323 BC Persian Empire Middle East
585-200 BC Greek Empire
490 BC Battle at Marathon Greek victory over the Persian army at Marathon
336-323 BC Macedonia conquers the Persian empire and expands from Greece to India Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia (356-321 BC)
264-146 BC Punic Wars Romans defeat Carthage
215-163 BC Hellenistic Seleucid Empire Led by Greek Antiochus IV Epiphanes they expanded to Egypt and Middle East.
Judas Maccabeus defeated them in 167 BC.
400 BC-450 AD Roman Empire Middle East
200 BC - 700 AD Teotihuacan Mesoamerican civilization Mexico
70 AD Roman Empire Jerusalem destroyed by Titus, Roman emperor
250-800 Franks expand Europe (Charlemagne [Charles the great] 742-814)
250-1500 AD Maya Culture 250-900: classical, 900-1500 post classical Central America
350-550 Huns (Mongols) Europe (Atilla ?-532)
642 Arab-Persian Arabs defeat of the Persian army at Nehavend.
618-907 Tang Dynasty China
642 - 1000 Arab Expansion Muslim Arabs expand to N. Africa and Spain. The Spanish called them Moors.
732 Battle of Tours (Poiters) Christians defeat Arabs in France
750-1100 Vikings
1000 - 1400 Spanish - Arab Spanish Christians slowly pushed the Muslims (Moors) back. In 1013 the great library in Cordova was destroyed. In 1492 Granada, the last Muslim enclave, was taken.
1066 Battle of Hastings William of Normandy ("the Conqueror") takes over England
1095-1101 First Crusade Capture of Antiochus and Jerusalem by the crusaders. 12-30,000 men 10's of thousands were killed in the Crusades.
1168-1521 Aztec Culture Mexico - Defeated by Spanish
1145-47 Second Crusade Attack Damascus. 50-100,000 men
1188-92 Third Crusade Richard the Lionheart of England negotiated a treaty with Saladin, which gave Christian pilgrims special rights in Jerusalem.
1204 Fourth Crusade Constantinople was taken.
1206-1368 Mongolian Expansion Largest Empire in History. Genghis Kahn (1165-1227), Kublai Khan (1215-94) 1M in conquest of Baghdad
1217 Fifth Crusade Included the conquest of Damietta,
1228-39 Sixth Crusade in which Frederick II took part (1228-29); also Thibaud de Champagne and Richard of Cornwall (1239)
1249-52 Seventh Crusade led by St. Louis.
1217 Eighth Crusade also under St. Louis, 1270
1337-1453 Hundred Years' War England and France
1367-1644 Ming Dynasty China
1400- Inca Empire S. America
1450 British
1490 Spanish
1453-1566 Ottoman Expansion (Suleiman 1494-1566) Started with Constantinople
1478-1834 Spanish Inquisition. Tomas de Torquemada (1420-1498) was made Grand Inquisitor by Pope Sixtus IV and was responsible for thousands of deaths, including 2,000 burned at the stake. 30 K  
1618-48 Thirty Years War general European war fought mainly in Germany
1675-76 King Philip's War Wampanoag indian leader Matacom (also called Philip) led the native americans in a fight with the Massachusetts settlers as 50 years of peacful relations broke down. A blody war with thousands of settlers and native american's killed. Many native americans 700 English, 2000 indians
1689-1763 French and Indian Wars Name given by American historians to the North American colonial wars between Great Britain and France.
1744-1748 King George's War
War of the Austrian Succession
The third of the French and Indian wars. The war included most of the European nations. Little of it occurred in America. Fort Louisbourg, a powerful French stronghold on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, was captured by New Englanders and an English fleet. Saratoga, New York was attacked and burned by the French and Indian forces.
1746 Battle Culloden A battle between the Scots led by Bonnie Prince Charlie and the English in Scotland. See more 1,110
1755-1763 French and Indian War Last of the series of French and Indian Wars. The war became a fight for the St. Lawrence. Ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763 where Canada, which went to Great Britain.
Beginning of Seven Years War
1756-63 Seven Years War Worldwide war fought in Europe, North America. See more
1770 Boston Massacre British soldiers open fire on a crowd which was harassing them. 5
1775-83 American Revolution 6 K 18 K
1775 Battle of Bunker Hill American Revolution, , Charleston, MA 371
1789-1794 French Revolution Inflamed by their poverty and hatred of wealth, the people wanted an end to tax exemptions and special privileges given to the nobility. Louis and Marie Antoinette were executed in 1793. Maximilien Robespierre who, emerged as a leader and plunged France into even more bloodshed than before. He was overthrown and executed in 1794. 40 K  
1793-1815 Napoleonic Wars Napoleon Bonaparte expands his empire from England to Egypt 2-3 M  
Russo-Turkish 1806 war started when Ottoman Sultan Selim III deposed the Russophile governors of Moldavia and Walachia and ended with Treaty of Bucharest.
1828 war was precipitated by the Greek War of Independence and ended with the Treaty of Adrianople.
300 K  
1815 Battle of Waterloo Napoleon exiled to St Helena  
1836 Alamo Famous battle in San Antonio for Texas to become an independent territory from Mexico. See more. 189  
1854-56 Crimean War - France and Great Britain declared war on Russia after it invades Dobruja (Romania) which was part of the Ottoman Empire. Battle for Russian naval base of Sebastopol in the Crimea. 250 K  
1850-64 Taiping Rebellion Hung Xiu-quan organized Chinese peasantry to topple the Qing dynasty, which was weakened by a series of natural disasters, economic problems and defeats at the hands of the Western powers. Hung taped into Anti-Manchu sentiment in the south 20 M  
1861-65 US Civil War See Casualties in the Civil War
US Civil War Causes
200 K 400 K
1861 Battle of Bull Run US Civil War, Manassas VA 5K  
1862 Battle of Antietam US Civil War, Antietam, MD 24K  
1863 Battle of Gettysburg US Civil War, Gettysburg, PA 51K  
1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War  
1864 Sand Creek Massacre Indian Wars - Story 150-200  
1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn Indian Wars - Custer's men killed. Story 210  
1890 Battle of Wounded Knee Big Foot and a group of Sioux were gunned down after one tried to resist soldiers disarming them. (See Story) 300-350 Indians  
1775-1890 Indian Wars 19 K whites, 40-50 K Indians.
Many other Indians died of disease.
60-70 K 1 - 10 M
1899-1901 Boxer Rebellion China - Chinese Christians were killed by the Boxers in Boxer rebellion against foreigners. 30 K  
1899 - 1902 Boer War British fights Boers in South Africa 93 K  
DateWar/Battle/Empirewho whereDeaths
1914-18 World War I, WWI (Total 15M including Armenian massacres and other related deaths) 10 M  
See List of military engagements of World War I at
and Matthew White's Man-made Megadeaths of the 20th Century
1914 Battle of Somme, WWI 310 K
1915 Battle of Gallipoli, WWI Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, New Zelanders, Australians and Turks killed. 120-140 K  
1916 Battle of Verdun, WWI 305 K
1917 Battle of Passchendaele, WWI 150 K
1900-20 Mexican Revolution 1.5 M  
1917 Russian Revolution overthrew the czarist government. 15 M
1931-42 Sino Japanese War Japanese military's systematic destruction of the Chinese countryside in a war of pacification. Most victims were civilian. 10-30 M  
  Battle Other
1936-39 Spanish Civil War 270 K 160 K
1937 Sino Japan War
Rape of Nanking
Japanese massacre -Nanking, China.   200-300K

Date Battle Allied Enemy
1939-45 World War II Soldiers 17-21, Civilian 20, Civilian Sino-Japan 7-15. (See totals by country) Democides: Hitler 15-21 Stalin 13, Natonalist Chinese 2 17M 40M
May - Jun.
Battle of Dunkirk -
A large force of British and French were cut off in north-east France by a German armoured advance to the Channel coast at Calais.
Jul. - Oct.
Battle of Britain -
Battle fought over Britain between the Royal Air Force and Germany
7 Dec. 1941 Pearl harbor - 1,177 crewmen killed when U.S. battleship Arizona sunk. Facts at: D-Day Museum, Natl. Park Svc. 2,403 64
1942- 110,000-120,000 Japanese Americans, 3-10,000 Italian Americans and some German Americans were interred in detention camps in the US. The Intalians and Germans were mostly foreign nationals who had not received citizenship while two-thirds of the Japanese were citizens.
See more
June 1942 Capture of Tobruk, Libia, North Africa 559
Nov 1941 The Battle of Stalingrad 500 K 147 K
Aug 1942 - Feb 1943 Guadalcanal - First offensive in the Pacific. Allies strike Island of Guadalcanal to stop Japanese advance. 4K 29K
6-7 June 1944 D-Day (There is no "official" casuality figure. Only Canada atempted to report numbers) 150,000 Allied troups were landed (by sea or airborne) on D-Day. That would make the casualty rate, 1.6% in a few days.
See D-Day Museum and
c. 2,500  
June - Aug. 1944 Battle of Normandy (Includes D-Day) 54K 350K
15 June 1944 Battle of Saipan - US invades Island of Saipan. 3K killed
13K wounded or MIA
1944-45 Battle of the Bulge
Dec. 16, 1944 to Jan. 28, 1945. In the Belgian Ardennes and Luxembourg
Feb. 1945 Bombing of Dresden, Germ.   35-135K
Feb. 1945 Iwo Jima 6K 21K
Mar. 1945 Fire Bombing of Tokyo 100K
Apr. 1945 Okinawa (Allied: 12K battle deaths 26K in non-battle deaths 38K 107K
May 1945 German Surrender
30 Jul. 1945 USS Indianapolis was torpedoed after delivering the Atomic Bomb. 296 men went down with the ship, 583 were drowned or killed by sharks, only 317 survived the 5 days in the water before a rescue ship arrived. See story. 880  
Mar. 1945 Firebombing of Tokyo   100K
6 Aug. 1945 Atomic Bomb - Hiroshima   140K
9 Aug. 1945 Atomic Bomb - Nagasaki
Hiroshima 66K 69K
Nagasaki 39K 25K
The Japanese Govt. estimated a total of 226K were killed by radiation.
See: Avalon Proj at Yale.
15 Aug. 1945 Japanese announce Surrender. Formal surrender was 2 Sept. on board the battleship USS Missouri.
Arab-Israeli Wars (Middle East)

In the 19th century Palestinians were approximately 86 percent Muslim (mostly Sunni), 10 percent Christian, and 4 percent Jewish.

In 1947 the UN issued a plan to end the British rule of Palestine and divide it into Independent Arab and Jewish States. The plan was to be implemented in 1948. In the aftermath of the 1948 war, Palestine was de facto divided into three parts: the State of Israel, the Jordanian-held West Bank, and the Egyptian-held Gaza Strip.
Over 80% of the Arabs left the area that became Israel and many Jews immigrated to Israel. In 2010 Arabs were only 20% of the population of Israel.
The Arab-Israeli war has been a major problem in the Middle East ever sense.

Arab Israeli Wars
UN Partition Plan for Palestine at Wikipedia, A Synopsis of the Israel/Palestine Conflict, Intifada at Arab Gateway, The Israeli Center for Human Rights, Victims of Palestinian Violence and Terrorism since September 2000.

1948 War of Independence Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon attack Israel. Israel defeats them and controlls about half the land the UN intended for the new Arab state after partitioning Palestine in 1947. 8-20K  
1956 Suez War Israel attacks Egypt after they took the Suez Canal from Britain and France. Britain and France join Israel and capture the Sinai Peninsula which is contolled by the UN. 2-3K  
1967 Six Day War Egypt, under Gamal Abdel-Nasser, orders UN peacekeeping troops out of the Sinai Peninsula, closes down the Strait of Tiran and concentrats large-scale forces in the Sinai peninsula. Israel launches a preemptive attack against Egypt. When Syria & Jordan start shelling Israel the war is expanded to include them. Israel captures the Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula, Syria's Golan Heights and Jordan's West Bank including their half of Jerusalem. 10-20K  
1969-70 Israeli-Egyptian War Egypt 5K  
1973 Yom Kippur War Egypt, Syria, Iraq attack Israel. 11-16K  
1978 Israel - Lebanon Conflict Israel invades Lebanon in an attempt to rout out Palestinian militants.
1987-2000 First Intifada Palestinians and Isralies 1,700+
2000- Second Intifada Palestinians and Isralies
(Data thru Jan. '04)
2006 Israel - Lebanon Conflict Hezbollah in S. Lebanon and Israel 1,445: Lebanese and Hezbollah - 1,287; Israelis - 158
1947- Total   Israel: 8-12K, Arab States: 36-60K
plus another 50K Civilians
As of Apr. 2008 suicide bombings in Israel hit a high of 59 in 2002 with hundreds killed

DateWar/Battle/Empirewho whereDeaths
1950-53 Korean War N. Korea & China vs S. Korea & the US 1-2 M 500 K
1962India India fights and loses a border war with China in Assam
1964-73 Vietnam War N. Vietnam vs S. Vietnam & the US 100K French, 58K American, 250K S. Vietnamese, 1M N Vietnamese and Viet Cong, 2M civilians [N. and S.] 500 K
1968 My Lai Massacre Vietnam War:
Stories at pbs and Hundreds of civilians had also been killed by other army units, at My Khe and Co Luy.
20-100 civilians.
1968 Tet Offensive Vietnam War: Major North Vietnamese surprise offensive against American and South Vietnamese forces on the eve of the lunar New Year celebrations. 6 K - US and South Vietnamese
50 K - North Vietnamese
1948-93 Apartheid in S. Africa Political Violence during Apartheid Regime in South Africa 12-14 K
1965 India/Pakistan battle over Kashmir Kashmir 7-18K  
1969-1998 N. Ireland The Catholic Irish Republican Army (IRA) wants to eject the British and unify Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic to the south. The Protestants remained loyal to the United Kingdom. See more. 3 K  
1975-79 Cambodia Pol Pot's reign of terror is probably the second most widely publicized genocide of the century 2 M  
Pol Pot and his communist Khmer Rouge - In their attempt to socially engineer a classless peasant society, took particular aim at intellectuals, city residents, ethnic Vietnamese, civil servants and religious leaders.
1980-85 India Hindu and Skih conflict in India. 2,500  
1980-88 Iraq-Iran 600 K Iranians
400 K Iraquis
1983 Grenada 42 US
59 Grenadan & Cuban
1990-91 Gulf War "Desert Storm" - Western alliance pushes Iraq out of Kuwait.
50-100,000 Iraq casualties, 143 US
Some claim Iraqi deaths were much higher. Some claim Iraqi deaths due to sanctions over 1M.
50-100 K
1991Hati Aristide was overthrown in a military coup led by Brig-Gen Raoul Cedras.
In 1994 the threat of a US invasion led to the regime recognizing Aristide as president.
1991-93 Somalia Civil War. 18 U.S. Rangers died in a battle in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993 depicted in the Series and Movie "Blackhawk Down,". Article. 50 K 350 K
1991-92 Croatia Independence from former Yugoslavia 6-10 K
1991-2002 Sierra Leone Civil War 50,000 30,000 amputated, 250,000 raped
1992-95 Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnian Serbs led by former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic killed Bosnian Muslims and Croats after UN recognizes them as an independent state. 150-250 K
1992-date Algerian Islamist Insurgency. The Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), which advocates establishing an Islamic state, won elections in 1991. However, the existing president handed the reins over to a military council, which annulled the election. 150 K  
1994-95 Rwanda Conflict between the Hutus, and Tutsis resulted in the genocide of roughly 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in 1994, several 10s of thousands since. 800 K  
1994-date- Chechnya, Russia Independence 40-80 K 200 K
1996-date Nepal Conflict between Maoist rebels and government. 13 K
thru 2005
1991-2003 Liberia Civil war 220 K  
1998-2000 Kosovo, Yugoslavia Ethnic cleansing by Yugoslavs >10 K  
1998-2000 Ethiopian-Eritrean War Independence 100 K  
1998-2003 Congo Three major factions along with an array of local and foreign militias from places like Rwanda and Uganda vied for the Congos's riches. 350 K Up to 3.3 million died from famine and disease.
2002 Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom (War against Terrorism)/ Afghanistan
986 Coalition forces killed in and around Afghanistan a/o Oct. 2008.
3,700 Afghan civilians.
See Afghanistan.
? al Qaeda/Taliban
486 Coalition
a/o Oct. 2006
2003 Iraq US, UK and others oust Saddam Hussein
See Iraq War page.
15-100 K Iraq
2,000 U.S.
a/o Oct 2005
Iraq War
10+ K Civillians
2004Hati Insurgents led by Guy Philippe drive President Jean-Bertrand Aristide out. 130
2004Thailand Muslim separatists battle with Government in southern Thailand. 150+
1985-2004Sudan Sudan Civil war (North-South) 2 M see Sudan-Darfur
2001-Sudan - Darfur Genocide in the Darfur region in the west. Arab govt. has armed nomadic Arab herdsmen, or Janjaweed, against rival African tribes, Massaleit and others in Darfur, western Sudan. 250-400 K see Sudan-Darfur
2006-Mexico Drug Wars 100,000

Greatest Empires (From a comment on a message board, I can't remember where)
  • Greatest unofficial empire: USA since 1945
  • Greatest domination from smallest base: Britain, 1800-1939
  • Greatest cultural, political and scientific influence in its time: Ancient Rome
  • Greatest staying power: China, 221 BC to present
  • Greatest conquering empire: Mongol Khans, 13th century
  • Greatest ideological empire: former USSR
US War Casualties
Total (K)1BattleOther2
Civil 1861-65 364.5 191 K 400 K 3,263 18%
WW II 1941-46 407.3 291 K 115 K 16,113 2.5%
WW I 1917-18 116.7 53 K 63 K 4,735 2.4%
Vietnam 1964-73 58.2 47 K 11 K 3,100 1.9%
Korea 1950-53 36.9 34 K 21 K 5,720 1.0%
Revolutionary 1775-83 4.4 6 K 18 K 217 11%
War of 1812 1812-15 2.3 2K 287 0.8%
Mexican 1846-48 1.7 1.7K 11 K 79 16%
Spanish American 1898 2.4 365 2 K 307 0.8%
Indian 1817-98   1 k 106 0.9%
Persian Gulf War 1991 .3 148 235 500 0.08%
Operation Enduring Freedom (War against Terrorism)/Afghanistan
thru 12/2008
2002-   1,014   200 0.03%
Iraq War 2003 .48 482   300 0.04%
Iraq War 2004 .85 851   135 0.63%
1. Total per World Almanac; Book of Facts
2. Other: Accidents, Disease. Sources: Twentieth Century Atlas - Casualty Statistics - United States, America's Wars at

† - 482 Americans killed as of Dec. 31, 2003. 138 killed from Mar. 19 - May 1, 2003 when the official war ended. 344 killed from May 1 to Dec 31.
223 Americans killed from Jan. 1, - Apr. 20, 2004
See Iraq War page.

‡ Casualty rate for Iraq in 2003 is based on the first two months of fighting before the official war ended when there were 114 Military deaths.
Rate for 2004 is based on 3.5 mos.. Annualized it would be 0.55%/yr.

See Also: Twentieth Century Democide

Other Wars/Revolutions

Opium Wars
Napoleonic war
Crimean War
Cuban Revolution
Taiping Rebellion in China, 1850-1864, a civil war, in which it is claimed 25 million people perished
Falklands War
Greek War of Independence

See: US War casualties at InfoPlease

Modern Dictators (Some of the more well known)

In the 20th Century 100 - 170 million people were murdered by governments; 75% by communist regimes - compared to about 38 million killed in all wars and conflicts.

There is little agreement about the number of people killed by these regimes. We have thrown out extreme estimates and listed the range for middle of the road numbers. See "Death Tolls for the Man-made Megadeaths of the Twentieth Century " by Matthew White; an excellent site listing numerous death toll estimates with their sources.
See above for other repressive regimes who killed civilians both inside and outside their country. (e.g. Japan who killed over 6 M from 1936-1945).

Name Country Political Rule Democides *
(K - 1,000)
Mao Zedong China Communist 1946-49 Rural purges: 2-5M
1949-75 Labor Camps: 15-20M
1950-57 Urban purges: 1M
1959-63 Great Leap Forward: 6-20M
1959-76 Tibet: 0.6-1.2M
1966-76 Cultural Revolution: 2-7M
1946-75 Total: 20-50 M
Stalin, Joseph Russia Communist 1926-37 Forced Famine Ukraine: 4-7 M
1926-37 Famine Other: 3-4M
1946-54 Democide: 8-15M
? Labor (Concentration) Camps: 12-25M
1924-53 Total: 20-40M
Hitler, Adolf Germany Fascist 1938-45 15-21 M (6 M Jews)
Superiority of Nordic or Aryan races.
See Serial Killers and Mass Murderers for some of Hitler's henchmen.
Lenin, Vladimir Russia Communist 1921-22 4 M
Chiang, Kai-shek China 1937-45
2-10 M by Nationalists on mainland
incl. 2 M during WWII ('37-45)
China1945-491 M in Civil War ('45-49) Chaing appointed General Chen-Yi to take over Taiwan after WWII. In 1947 Chaing sent troops to put down an uprising over corruption and chaos from the Chinese rule. 10-40,000 were killed. Chaing and more than one million of his followers fled to Taiwan after their defeat by the communists in 1949.
Pol Pot Cambodia Communist 1975-79 2 M
Marshal Tito Yugoslavia Communist 1944-80 200-500 K (2)
Ceausescu, Nicolae Romania Communist 1967-89 400 K
Amin, Idi Uganda 1972-79 300 K
Milosevic, Slobodan Yugoslavia   1991-92 6-10K in Croatia
1992-95 200-300K in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
8,000 in Srebrenica, Bosnia massacre.
1998-99 10K Albanians killed in Kosovo
Mussolini, Benito Italy,
Fascist 1922-43 1935-41 Ehthopia and Libya - 200 K, Yugoslavia - 15 K, Greece - 9 K, Italy - 250
Hussein, Saddam Iraq   1988 Anfal campaign against rebellious Kurds - 100 K
5 K in gas strike on the village of Halabja (1)
1991-92 Shia rebellion - 40 K
1990-2003 An estimated 1.25 million Iraquis have died from poverty, hunger and disease due to a combination of sanctions and government neglect.
Marcos, Ferdinand Phillipines Philippine Insurrection (1969) 1965-86 250 K
Franco, Francisco Spain Fascist 1939-75 22 K
Batista, Juan Cuba   1952-59 2 K
Castro, Fidel Cuba Communist 1959- 15 K + 35-50 K Boat people drowned.
Pinochet, Augusto Chile   1973-90 3 K
Noriega, Manuel Panama 1983-89
Il, Kim Jong N. Korea Communist 1997-
Gaddafi, Muammar Libya 1969-
Ayotallah Komeni Iran   1979-89 10-20 K
Deng Xiaoping China 1989 Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China, - 241-1,000+
Shah of Iran Iran 1942-79
* Democide: The murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.

(1) Some claim the gas which killed Kurds at Halabja, at the end of the Iraq-Iran war when the Iranians were fighting in this area, was the result of Iranian gas aimed at Iraquis, since the symptoms were not those of Mustard gas, which the Iraquis were using.

(2) Many of the deaths in Tito's Yugoslavia were a consequence of WW II. During his rule Yugoslavia developed its own brand of socialism, and a society far more open than that of its communist neighbours.

See Also: The Scales of Good and Evil where Cliff Pickover lists the top 10 evil people and good people.

  • 1311 - Mongol extermination of Chinese
  • 1915-17 - Turkish troups killed Armenians in Ottoman lands. (1,500,000)
  • 1932 - Stalin's forced famine in the Ukraine. (7,000,000)
  • 1937 - Japan - Nanking (Nanjing) massacre of Chinese (Rape of Nanking) (300,000)
  • 1935: Nazi Germany - Superiority of Nordic or Aryan races. (6,000,000)
  • 1941-44 - Nazis, Chetniks and others in Yugoslavia killed many mainly Serbs
  • 1975-79 - Pol Pot in Cambodia (2,000,000)
  • 1991-95 - Yugoslavia - Many deaths in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania. (200,000)
    see The History Place - Genocide in the 20th Century: Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-95
  • 1994 - Rwanda Tutsis kill Hutus, and moderate Tutsis. (800,000)
  • 2001-Sudan - Darfur - In the Darfur region in the west. Arab govt. has armed nomadic Arab herdsmen, or Janjaweed, against rival African tribes, Massaleit and others .
The History Place - Genocide in the 20th Century

Source: Armed conflicts, 1946–2014 - There´se Pettersson & Peter Wallensteen -
Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP), Uppsala University

Civilian Deaths
Links at Yahoo
30 Worst Atrocities of the 20th Century, Death Tolls for the Man-made Megadeaths of the Twentieth Century and Ninteenth Century Death Tolls by Matthew White
Wars of the British Empire,
A History Of Slaughter - cataloguing genocide, war and man's inhumanity man in the modern world
Chronology of Persian History
Conflict and War and Empires and Civilizations at
Death Toll from Disasters, War, Terrorists for other battle statistics.
Good People
Intergroup Strife
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