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Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland
last updated 27 Mar 2019

The Haute Route is one of the most famous of high mountain ski tours linking the Alps' two most iconic resorts - Zermatt and Chamonix.

There are ski (6+ days), hiking (12+ days) and bike routes (3+ days).

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Tom's 2019 Route | topo map | Google Map

Ski Route
120 miles and 28,220 feet of elevation gain.
Original route via Valsorey hut has more technical mountaineering sections.
Classic route via Verbier (Mont Fort) hut.
Rope and crampons are likely be used at some point.
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    Hut         Lat (N)  Long (E) Elev   Huts on Tom's Route topo
 Albert 1er    45.99676, 6.98665   8,986 ft 
 Trient        45.99965, 7.04368  10,400 ft
 Mont Fort     46.08389, 7.28109   8,047 ft 
 a Verbier
 de Louvie     46.04738, 7.30652
 de Prafleuri  46.07551, 7.37883  8,609 ft
 des Dix       46.0111,  7.4179   9,672 ft 
 des Vignettes 45.9898,  7.4759    
 Bertol Hut    46.0062,  7.5277    
 de Valsorey   45.9304,  7.2718    
 de la Dent    46.02162, 7.60072     
 de Chanrion   45.94639, 7.38392
About: The Haute Route crosses eleven glaciers on its way from Chamonix to Zermatt at an average elevation of 3,000 meters (9,800 feet). It includes climbs to over 12,000'and long downhill runs. One downhill run goes from 3271 m. to 1477 m. 5,885 ft of vertical descent.

You should be very comfortable skiing black diamond runs at a resort in most any conditions (including icy slopes) and can also ski double black diamond slopes up to 40 degrees in good conditions.

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