Things you can ask, Preceded by "Hey Google":
What is the weather today
What is the forecast for tomorrow?
When is Squaw Valley open?
What time is sundown?
Play some contemporary folk radio on the kitchen stereo.
  (You need to turn the sterio on and set the source to Video/Aux.
   See Playing music thru speakers at the cabin)
   You can just say "play some Beethoven" and it will play thru the Mini.)
Set the volume to 70%
Stop the music
Play NPR News
Play NPR
Play TED talks daily
Play the TED radio hour
Play Hidden Brain

 How long will it take to get to Emerald Bay
 How long will it take to get to Sugar Pine Point by bicycle
 What are some good pizza places near here
 What are the odds for winning at roulette
 When is Obexers General Store open
 Set a timer for 15 minutes
 Set an alarm for 3 PM
 What's the right internal temperature when cooking chicken?
 How many cups in 2 quarts?
 How do you cook at 6,000 feet elevation?
 See Sample Questions and Answers - Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Siri

last updated 19 May 2019