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* Platform is sometimes wrong or confusing. On a Microsoft surface it gave Win32 when it is actually Win64. Android will show Linux, the kernel OS.

The User Agent data is information sent about your configuration by your browser in the http header, so servers can format data as appropriate for your browser.

On a Macintosh it is easy to get your system and browser versions.
Your Mac OS X Version is in "About this Mac" under the apple menu.
Your browser name is right next to the apple in the upper left.
Your browser version is in "About ..." under the browser name.

In MS Windows it has become harder to find this information.
Windows Version:
 Windows 10:
    Click the Start Button  or press the Windows key.
    enter About your PC and return 
    or click on settings then about your PC.
    Edition - Will have which version and edition of Windows.
Windows 7:
   Click the Start button 
   Click System Information.
Browser Version:
In Internet Explorer on Win 7 you find the browser name under help
In Chrome you use the menu button (sandwich icon, 3 lines ) and click help
In Firefox use the menu button  > help button  > About

Finding this on smart phones and tablets is difficult also.

Download current versions of browsers:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Dolphin For Android, iOS

See User Agent Strings for examples and more about User Agent

last updated 2 Feb 2016