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"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race." H.G. Wells

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Delaware and Raritan Canal Columbia Trail, High Bridge at and Hunderdon Co. Parks Dept. Chimney Rock Mountain Bike Trail in New Jersey at:, and Washington Valley Park biking Biking in New Jersey at the Dept. of Transportation Iron Rail Trail (IRT), Whitehall, PA (near Allentown 1 hr.) High Point Cape May Bike Route Biking in New Jersey, Tour Guides

Injuries Type 15% Collisions with moving objects (vehicles, other bicycles or animals) 13% collisions with non-moving objects (parked cars, traffic signs, fences, ...) 13% Mechanical Failure or design problems (chains breaking or falling off brakes failing, components such as handlebars or brake parts coming loose.) 11% while performing stunts. 10% Collisions or near-collisions (i.e. swerving to avoid collisions) with moving motor vehicles. Conditions: 27% Riding on uneven surfaces 22% Riding too fast 15% Riding on slippery surfaces Note: Children have a much higher injury rate than older riders. There are about 900 bicyclist deaths per year in the US. (62% of deaths result from injuries to the head) Source: CPSC Study Summary Other Cycling Products (Bikes, Accesories, ...) See Stolen Bike on the Davis page.

last updated 4 Aug 2003