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There are several ways to file your notes:
Linear - May be sorted alphabedically, by date, file type, ... Notes may be further categorized by metadata (e.g. tags in Evernote) or by file name (e.g. dir-family, dir-photography for directories of contacts) Hierarchal - Notes in sub-folders in folders. These categories may also apply to email rules and web browser bookmarks.
A note may have several attributes: domain, type, function, ... (see below). You may pick one or a combination for your primary organizer, although there are metadata features in some systems (e.g. tags in Evernote) that allow you to sort by a secondary category.
An alias function on computer filing systems allows you to put a link to a file in one folder in another folder. This function has been requested for evernote, but as of Spring 2013 it didn't exist.
In any system a good search function is necessary because there will always be ambiguity as to which category you used.
A search function should list matches by title and tag before matches in content.
A synonym algorithm is important also. e.g. "CA" = "California" = "Calif."
An encryption function is also a good feature.

Domain (where)- Home, Community, Family, Business, Hobbies, Organizations, Arts, School
Type (what, when)- Contacts, Places, History-Journal-Timeline-Events, Things, Notes, Records, Meeting Minutes, Plans, Reference, Financial
Function/Topic - Health, Learning, Relaxing, Handyman stuff
Activity (how) - Creating (Blogging, constructing), Maintenance, Shopping, Observing, Research, working

Digital Media: You can use a filing system like Evernote for media, but media specific programs, e.g. iTunes, iPhoto, Kindle app are more appropriate for this.

My system in Evernote:

I Contacts
   Personal, Family, Organizations, [services-see below]
II Stores-Products-Services
    stores, products, services, travel (bus/train/air schedules)
III Info-Ref
   Arts (Books, Music, Movies, ...), Politics, Religion, Environment, Science, 
IV Help
   Computer support/notes, How to/DIY (Home, car, ...)
V Information about my stuff
   Purchases (dates, ...), Home (floor plan, garden records, ..),
   Electronics (computers, AV)
VI Personal Info
   Medical, Correspondence, Travel log, cards-permits,
Some categories:
Info or Reference
Help (product/
    service notes)
Meeting Notes
Other Systems
How to Organize Evernote for Maximum Efficiency | Michael Hyatt

  • Minimize the use of subfolders. You don't want to have to keep zeroing down to find something.
  • Use consistent file names. e.g. if you abbreviate California as Calif, do it consistently.
  • Do not use spaces in file names, keep file names under 27 characters. (optional).
  • Give files logical, specific names and include dates in file names where appropriate.

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