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Beginner Backpacking & Discovery on the Appalachian Trail, Virginia - Trip #11046A
Trip Brochure
When: May 29 - June 4, 2011
Where:  Randolph College - 2500 Rivermont Ave. Lynchburg, VA  (434) 947-8000
College Map
Lynchburg Map

Leaders: Francy Rubin, Diana Lynn, Ian Schill, Don McBride
Craig County Emergency Management system at 540 864-5115
Randolph College (434) 947-8000
Appalachian Trail S. Virginia Appalachian Trail S. Virginia, Laurel Creek shelter, Sarver Hollow, Niday Route:
Day Shelter Distance Elevation Gain Temp
1 VA 42 to Laurel Creek Shelter 2.4 520 96°
2 Laurel Creek to Sarver Hollow Shelter 6.8 1,300 93°
3 Sarver Hollow to Niday Shelter 6.4 -1,200 90°
4 Niday Shelter to VA 621 1.3 -260 83°
Trail Names:
Group 1
Given Trail State
Francy Zora VA
Alicia Indigo AZ
Bill Pants on Ground PA
Cindy Joeda NY
Hella Turtle AZ
Ian   KY
Kathy Sassafras NY
Group 2
Given Trail State
Cheryl Pack Squeak NC
Diana Little Gray Squirrel WI
Don One Sock NJ
Hannah Little Martin PA
Kevin One Pack NC
Martha Wildflower Maybe VA
Todd Sherpa IL

Diana's: Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Thru Hikers:
Group 2 shared left over dinner with thru hikers several times. They rated it 10 on a scale from 1-5.

Group 2's encounter with "Brother of the Wind" at Niday is documented in his blog at: He even includes our menu.

martin backpacker guitar Little Martin (LM) got her trail name from an encounter with a thru hiker at Sarver who had a little Martin Guitar which LM got a chance to try. She also got a chance to play Hippy Kippy's banjo at Niday.

History - Rock Piles
Link to photo of old Sarver Cabin Homestead at forum.

According to one one local source, the large circular piles of rocks were the result of the Sarver boys clearing the mountain top to plant apple trees. Descendants of those trees are still on the mountain. The source also claimed the Sarver family were living on the mountain top to avoid conscription into the Confederate or Union Armies.


Lynchburg Virginia
AT in central VA reduced ver. from Fox on the Trail at
Interactive Map at The Appalachian Trail Conservancy

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