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UberX Lyft
Base price $2.20 $2.25
Rate per mile $1.30 $1.35
Minimum ride fee $5.00 $5.00
Cancellation fee $5.00 $5.00
Safety fee* $1 $1.55
Average wait time 4:16 4:10
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Source: Uber vs Taxi - The Uber Perspective - Brett Romero

Driver Vetting:

Sidecar which was first with many ridesharing features could not keep up with uber and lyft and has morphed into a delivery service.

UberBlack - UberSelect - UberX - UberLX - UberPOOL:

  • UUberX: The least expensive Uber service. Seats 4 riders. Drivers use everyday cars that are 2000 or newer
  • UberXL: Seats at least 6 passengers. An UberXL car will be an SUV or a Minivan. Higher fare price than UberX
  • UberSelect: A luxury sedan that seats up to 4 riders. Expect a BMW, Mercededs, Audi, etc with a leather interior. Formerly known at UberPlus in some markets.
  • UberPOOL: Share your ride with another person and split the cost. Only available in LA, SF, NYC, and Paris. Read more.
  • UberBLACK (Black Car): Uber's 'executive' luxury service. Commercially registered and insured livery vehicles, typically a black SUV or luxury sedan. Highest fare price
On-line Problems:
I had problems with my first ride with uber. When I tried the uber app on my iPhone it opened up with a blue screen with the uber logo in the middle. No matter what I tried I couldn't get out of that, so I went to on my laptop. It gave me a window with three choices Ride, Drive, Become a Driver. When I clicked on ride it gave me another window with "become a driver" and "Sign up". I tried to sign up it said I was already signed up.
Somehow I can't remember what I did I got a phone number for a local driver, so I texted him and ask him what the rate was. He said he didn't know what the rate was uber calculated that automatically. I eventually went with him and after we got to the airport he was able to get a rate $20 which was about 1/2 what an airport van service wanted to charge me.
Since I couldn't get to the app I didn't get my $20 promo discount for the first ride. I found a promo code "cws7s2" online and will try that next time.

The next time I went to the uber app it gave me a popup to rate my last ride. I couldn't get rid of it and when I touched the rate driver button nothing happened. I quit and reopened the app this time it gave me a map showing my location across the street. The destination field was partially overlaid by my location, but when I entered the airport it labeled at home ?? and ordered a car with no button to cancel.
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