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Fabric_or_Product Washing Instruction
Ripstop Silk
Thermolite Silkweight
Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle; 30°C) with mild soap or dry clean. Do not use bleach or stain remover. Wash separately.
Rinse in cool water and add a little vinegar to maintain shining colors. Drip or tumble dry low. Do not wring.
Egyptian Cotton
Cotton Flanell
Machine wash (40°C).
100% Polyester CoolMax
Micro Fiber
Thermolite Performer
Thermolite Radiator
Machine wash in cool (40°C) water. Tumble dry low with cool down. Do not bleach. Wash color separately.
100% Polyester Microfleece
100% Polyester Fleece
Machine wash in cool (40°C) water. Tumble dry low with cool down. Liquid softeners and dry cleaning are not recommended. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Wash color separately.
COCOON Tropic Traveler
Travel Triplet
Primaloft Innerbag
Primaloft Overbag
Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle; 30°C) with mild soap or detergent. Tumble dry low. Air dry by hanging over line. Or commercial machine dry using air only or lowest heat setting.
Do not dry clean.
Source: Washing Instructions | Cocoon®

Underline on drycleaning indicates "A strict limitation on the addition of water during cleaning and/or certain restrictions on mechanical action and/or during temperature." Examples: acrylic, velvet, unlimted woollens. In this case, self-service cleaning is not allowed.
Do not dryclean - no stain removal with solvents.
Other drycleaning notation:
  • A - Normal goods, dry-cleanable in all solvents.
  • F - Normal goods, dry-cleanable in solvent R113 * and hydrocarbon.
  • P - Normal goods, dry-cleanable in PerchloroEthylene, solvent R113, hydrocarbon and solvent R11.
* Drycleaning Solvents:
- R113 - 1,1,2-TriChloro-1,2,2-triFluoroEthane (Cl2FC-CClF2)
- R11 - triChloroFluoroMethane (CCl3F)
- PerChloroEthylene (TetraChloroEthylene) (C2Cl4)
- TriChloroEthylene (TCE) (C2HCl3)
- Stoddard solvent (Cleaners Naphtha) - A petroleum (hydrocarbon) drycleaning solvent which is a blend of petroleum distillate fractions (C7 - C12).   It is composed of 30 - 50% straight and branched chain alkanes, 30 - 40% cycloalkanes, and 10 - 20% alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons.
See hydrocarbons.

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