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Timeline of Creation
History of the Universe, Earth, Geological Time.
Timeline of Energy & Fuels
History of Man
North American Early History
Plymouth Colony
History of Language
20th Century Progress
Washington's Middlebrook Encampment 1777-1779
Somerset Co. History and Historical Associations
Somerset Co. Genealogical Information
Famous People
Presidents Ratings
Death tolls from disasters, wars, terrorists, Accidents...: Iraq War
Wars, Battles, Empires and Dictators
Ancient Writings and Laws
History of Life - Gould
Population Growth and Malthus' An Essay on the Principle of Population
85 Years, 85 Disruptive Ideas - Businessweek
Explorers and Native American Timeline at the History Resource Webring
Indigenous Chronology at U. Kansas
Indigenous Chronology at U. Kansas
Mini and Personal Computer History
Internet History
Internet/Hypertext Timeline
California (History of Transportation and Communication to California)
Timeline of Inventions
World Civilizations at Wash. State U.
Jewish Diaspora
Middle East Empires
Places - Events
Remapping Europe and the Middle East after World War I
Morristown Natl. Historical - Park & Jocky Hollow at | on-line books - Map
Somerset Co. History and Historical Associations
Tahoe Area History
Stone Circles - Stonehenge
American Inovation
American Revolution
Middlebrook Encampment
Ancient Middle East Maps - Tribes from Noah

Local History of places I'm associated with:
Somerset County New Jersey
Antelope, Sacramento Co. CA
Tremont, Solano Co. CA
Liberty Corner Church
First Presbyterian Church of Roseville

last updated 6 June 2011