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General Travel Pages

Discount Tickets:
Fare Finders
Notes - Links for getting the best fare

Air Travel
- Airline Information.
  - Track, Swap, trade points
- Air Travel Tips (Jet Lag, health, baggage, prices, ...)

Travel Information Portals:
Lonely Planet, Yahoo, rec.Travel Library
Fodors, Expedia, Excite
Virtual Tourist (requires registration first time)
Trip Packing Lists
Condé Nast Travel (
Travel + Leisure

Travel Products (universal power adapters, power converters, etc.)
Travel Apps

- Train Travel Tips
- Train Links (Metro-north, Calif., Amtrak)
NJ Transit: Train - P-to-P Sched., Bus


Personal Transportation
-Driving from California to New York
-Driving from Colorado to New York
-Car Rental Companies and Information
-Recreational Vehicles (RV)
-Traveling I-80 in the Sierra Nevada
-Traveling I-95 on the East Coast
- Gas and Oil Prices
- Gas Prices I-80 Sacramento to Reno
- AAA - Mid-Atlantic - AAA Maps

- Hotel List
Hotel Booking Sites

GSA Govt. Per Diems
Train vs Plane vs Car (time/cost/...)

old travel page
North America Destinations (National Parks, Amusement parks, ...)
Travel Supplies and Info: Magellan's

16 Night Westbound Transatlantic Cruise

World Travel Pages

State Dept Per Diem Rates: More Current, Faster
Currency Exchange Rates
See Currencies:

Exchange Rates:
Universal Currency Converter
Exchange Rate Calcualator

Health and Safety
Smoke hoods
Traveler's health page here.
Traveler's Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Outbreaks, Diseases, Vaccinations, Safe Food and Water. Consular Information Sheets at US Department of State (DOS), United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

World Travel Watch at Traveler's Tales has saftey tips.

Tips for Healthy Travel at Continental
Air Travel Health - Jet Lag
Traveler's diarrhea (TD)
Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)
Motion Sickness

Insurance for everything from trip cancelation to emergency evacuation can run up to $200 for a $4,000 4 week trip overseas.
See Insurance.

Travel Tips
Air Travel Tips (Jet Lag)
International Travel Tips
  Passports and Visas
International Calling - Telephone Dialing tips International Trekking Check List
Computer Usage/Internet Tips
Electrical Power Converters

United Vacations

Best Places to Go
Popular World Countries, Cities, Sites, Destinations & Recreation
USA: Destinations & Recreation
Worlds best treks and Climbs
Northern California Road Trips

Misc: Hip Travel Pages (NY Times 11-24-2002) -,,,,

See Places for information on specific countries.
See Products for luggage

Educational 10 Amazing Educational Travel Adventures

Most Popular International Destinations Americans Top 10 International Destinations For Americans in 2021
1. Cancun, Mexico
2. Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen and Tulum
3. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
4. Los Cabos, Mexico
5. French Polynesia - Tahiti and Bora Bora
6. Maldives - Indian Ocean
7. Montego Bay, Jamaica - Caribbean
8. Aruba - Caribbean
9. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
10. Nassau, Bahamas - Caribbean
The top travel destinations for 2023, according to experts
1. Italy
2. Japan
3. Southeast Asia
4. The Caribbean
6. The American West
7. Mexico
8. Costa Rica
9. The Galápagos Islands
10. African safaris
11. Morocco
12. Small cruises

Miscelaneous Reference - Links
Train vs Plane vs Car (time/cost/...)
Travel links at the US State Department (DOS) Bureau of Consular Affairs Travel - Tech, Tools & Tips |
Travel - Links and Products |
Wi-Fi Wireless Hotspots _ wifi     _
Mobil phone usage overseas
U.S. State Department - Travel Warnings, Tips, Passports, per-diem, ...
Traveling with Technology.
Sierra Club China Trip

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