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Most Common Global Payment Currencies, 2015:
Currency Code Symbol
Dollar USD $
Euro EUR
British Pound GBP £
Chinese Yuan CNY ¥
Japanese Yen JPY ¥
Canadian Dollar CAD $
Australian Dollar AUD $
Swiss Frank CHF CHF
Hong Kong Dollar HKD $
Thai Baht THB ฿
South African Rand (14) ZAR R
New Zealand Dollar (17) NZD $
Taiwan New Dollar TND NT$
Source: ibtimes.com
World Currency Symbols

There is an international market for currency trading, so exchange rates vary by the minute like stock prices.

Exchange Rates:
Universal Currency Converter
Exchange Rate Calcualator

Where can you get currencies exchanged:
In the United States, you get the "market" rate. If you are lucky, you may get a better rate than the "official" rate. However, in most places, you rate will be way worse than the "official" rate (since business do need to make money).
Some places also charge fees.
Banks in many foreign countries are required to give you the official rate.

Generally it is considered better to use ATM in the country you are visiting to get currencies.

If you want to get some foreign currency before you leave for use at the airport, etc., you can do it at many US Banks. However, some require a 3 day notice.

TravelEx kiosks at airports and shopping malls are another place, however they have bad rates. In my case I got only 85% of the currency value plus a $10 fee.

Chinese Currency exchange

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