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I-80 Sierra Nevada

This page provides enhanced maps and information about services, which will help you when traveling to Reno or Lake Tahoe. Interstate 80 may be closed or require the use of chains in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during winter storms. These pages will help you find lodging, food, service stations and other services. In addition it shows chain control areas and major side roads. For more information, see "about this site" and Info on Mileages etc..


I-80 Sierra Nevada Map (Directions) - Click on the map for to zoom in.

Davis - Auburn | Zoom Out (Map & directions from airports),       List of locations on this map
Map of Chain-On Areas from CalTrans
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Highway Exit Summary

Note: Only exits with services or points of interest are listed.
(Click on locations below or on map above for more exits.)
Reno Airport off 395 S [65B]-38   
Reno [10-16]-32 4498155,499Gas, Lodging, Hospital, Food, Shopping Center
Verdi [2] (1-3 westbound)-21.4 4905 Gas, Casino, Food
Nevada State Line (204.6 mi.)-19 4905 
Hirschdale Rd., Boca [194]-8 5600 
267, Lake Tahoe [188B]-2.5   Northstar Ski Area, Kings Beach
89 North, Sierraville [188A]-2   
Downtown Truckee [186]-1   same as below
Truckee, 89 S. [185], Lake Tahoe,
Squaw Valley (11.5 mi.), Tahoe City (14 mi.)
0.0 58189,994, Hospital, Gas, Diesel, Fast Food, Restaurants, Convenience Store, Lodging, CHP, Hardware, Shopping Center
Donner Park Exit [184]1.0 5900 Gas, Diesel, LP Gas, Chain Services, Mini-Mart, Restaurants, Lodging, Camping
Donner Lake [180]4.57239 Food, Lodging
Rest Area8.6  Restrooms
Castle Peak [176]
Boreal Ridge
9.17239 Food, Lodging
Soda Springs [174]11.7676896, Restaurants, Convenience Store, Gas, Diesel, LP Gas, Lodging, Chain Services
Kingvale [171]14.86118 Mini-Mart, Gas, Chain Services
6000 ft.166000 
Rainbow Exit [168]17.8  Restaurant, Lodging, Camping
Cisco Grove
20.75700 MiniMart, Restaurant, Gas, Diesel, Chain Services
Eagle Lakes Rd. [164]22.0  Camping
Hwy 20 [161]   
Yuba Gap [160]25.25600 Camping, Phone, Food at campground and Eagle Mtn. Nordic Cntr.
Emigrant Gap28.0514036, Phone
Nyack [156]29.25400 Burger King, Mini-Mart, Gas, Diesel, Chain Services
Blue Canyon Exit [155]30.55284 Porta-Potty at exit westbound in winter.
5000 ft.23.85000 
Baxter [148]37.13900 Camping, Phone
Alta [146]39.23590751, Convenience Store
Dutch Flat [145]40.93144533Gas, Restaurants, Camping, CHP
Rest Area42.2  Restrooms
Gold Run [143]42.8322279
Secrettown Rd [140]46 
Colfax (Hwy 174), Grass Valley [135]50.924221,306Restaurant, Fast Food, Convenience store, Gas, Diesel, Lodging, Camping, Chain Services, LP Gas
Weimar [131]54.7 2280 
W. Paoli Ln. [130]55.4   Gas, Diesel
Heather Glen56.520141,898
2000 ft.56.62000 
Applegate [128]57.820141,898Gas, Diesel, Lodging, Chain Services
Clipper Gap, Meadow Vista [125]61.017203,067Gas (2 mi.) - Porta-Potties in eastbound direction between Clipper Gap and Applegate.
Bowman [122]63.9 1620 Restaurants, Gas, Lodging, Camping
Foresthill Exit64.6   Fast Food, Restaurants, Gas, Diesel, Lodging
Auburn (Elm Av.)66.2   Food, Gas, Lodging
Auburn (Hwy 49) [119]66.5 135912,129, Hospital, Food, Shopping Center
1000 ft.68.21000 
Newcastle [115]69.4399 Gas, Food
Loomis74.63991,284Gas, Lodging, Food
Rocklin7724827,214Gas, Lodging, Food, Shopping Center
Roseville80.215962,649Gas, Lodging, Food, Hospital
Sacramento98 407 K Gas, Lodging, Food, Hospital
Davis []112.3 60,300Gas, Lodging, Food, Hospital
Sacramento Airport
off of I-5 N.
San Francisco Airport
off of 101 S.
(* Distance to junction of Hwy 89 South. From here to: Reno-32, Squaw Valley-11.5, Tahoe City-14 mi.)
[Exit numbers] - Distance to start of I-80 at San Francisco

See Also: I-80 info. for Placer Co. and Nevada Co. at interests.com.

During snow storms ,traffic restrictions and congestion can add up to 6 hours to your travel time. Additional delays due to traffic volume at Roseville, Sacramento and Fairfield can add another couple of hours. On Fri. Jan. 2, 2004 some people reported taking 12 hours for the 4 hour trip to the Bay Area. (See also delays under chains below
and Freeway Speed Map to see congestion info. for Sacramento, Solano and Bay area counties at Caltrans)

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Traveling/Road Conditions:

I-80 and Hwy. 89 restrictions are listed under CalTrans Road Conditions and Mountain Pass Closures Pages.
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Highway Information Phones: 1-800-427-7623 or (916) 445-7623
WebCams at magnifeye.com
Radio Updates on AM 1610
Hwy. 50 Corridor - (530) 741-4571 | Interstate 80 Corridor - (530) 741-5474 | General Information - (530) 741-4572
Winter Operations Page: Controls - Snow Tires, Traction Devices | Winter Travel Tips | Chain Control Placement Chart

California Traffic Information at the Federal Highway Administration.

Emergency Road Svc. 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800 222-4357)

Placer Co. Highway conditions at CERES (Calif. Environmental Resr. Evaluation Sys.)
Winter Travel Tips at CalTrans, The CHP, Southland Ski Server.


National Weather Svc (NWS):
  7-day forecast:  Blue Canyon,  Soda Springs, Truckee
  Winter Weather Advisory:  Truckee,  West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada
    Current: Blue Canyon, Truckee-Tahhoe,

The Weather Channel: Auburn,  Alta, Emigrant Gap, Soda Springs, Truckee 

Intellicast: Soda Springs, Truckee  
  Satellite view of west coast
Tahoe Forecasts
Live Cams:
MagnifEYE Web Cams

Emergency Services and Law/Regulation Enforcement Contacts in the Tahoe Area.

(See Road Conditions also.)
Chains are usually required during snow storms. There are 3 kinds of chain requirements, R2 is the most common.

 R1: Chains required - snow tread tires (see below) allowed.
 R2: Chains required on all vehicles except four-wheel drives with snow tires.
 R3: Chains required - all vehicles - no exceptions.
The California Vehicle Code section 558 defines a snow-tread tire as follows: "A 'Snow-tread tire' is a tire which has a relatively deep and aggressive tread pattern compared with conventional passenger tread pattern". Snow-tread tires can be identified by examining the sidewall of the tire where the letters MS, M/S, M+S or the word MUD AND SNOW have been stamped into the sidewall. All terrain tires are usually allowed. See the Chain Control Page at CalTrans for more.

Chain monkeys are available at the side of the road and will install your chains for $20, however they cannot sell chains so you must have them with you or buy them at one of the gas stations along the way.
Map of Chain-On Areas from CalTrans

During a normal storm chains would typically be required from 1 mi. east of Baxter to Truckee eastbound and from Truckee to Kingvale westbound.

During a heavy storm the highway may be closed during the night with chains required from Gold Run to the Nevada state line in the morning. Chain requirements may be moved up to Baxter or higher during the day as the snow level rises. Chains may be required as early as Colfax during very cold spells when the snow level falls to 2,500 ft. elevations.
Traffic may be metered at Applegate to avoid congestion at chain control points further up. On Fri. Jan 2. 2004 there was 1:45 delay (4 mi. backup) starting at Dry Creek Rd. plus another 15 min. delay at Gold Run for chain controls. During winter there are Porta-Potties in eastbound direction between Clipper Gap and Applegate.

The maximum recommended speed with chains is 30 MPH and there can be delays of 3 Hrs. or more due to congestion so adjust your time accordingly. On Jan 1, 2004 the highway was closed for 2 hrs. due to spinouts.

The CalTrans Winter Travel Tips page has more information.


Small towns like Baxter and Cisco Grove supported small busineses while Highway 40 was used, but there is not much left of them now. With a few exceptions like the Rainbow Lodge, all there is between Colfax and Truckee are a few gas stations with Mini-Marts and a couple of restaurants at I-80 exits.

There are gas stations every 6 - 12 miles and most sell chains during the winter.
Gas Prices.

Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital (530) 888-4500
Emergency (530) 888-4550
(N. Auburn Off Hwy 49 1 block north of Bell Rd.)
11815 Education St.
Auburn, CA
Tahoe Forest Hospital (530) 587-6011
Emergency (530) 582-3206
(off Donner Pass Rd. east from Hwy 89 exit)
10121 Pine Ave.
Truckee, CA
Sutter Roseville Medical Center and Level II Trauma Center
(916) 781-1000
One Medical Plaza, Roseville, CA
On N. Sunrise (2 mi. N. of Douglas Blvd.)
Take Eureka Rd. Exit from I-80
Go SE on Eureka Rd.
Left on N. Sunrise for 0.6 mi. to the Medical Center
Renown Medical Center
(775) 982-4100
77 Pringle Way at Mill St., Reno, NV
See Tahoe Area Emergency Services Pages for Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Forest Service,


Other: Visit Placer County page
 other references for more information.
 Hwy 80 at calweb.com

WiWireless Hotspots:
Place Location Provider * SSID
Truckee (Search)
Joe Coffee 530-448-3610 10120 Jaboom St, Downtown Truckee    
Wild Cherries Coffee House 11429 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee Wi-Fi Alliance exwire
Starbucks 530-582-6856 Gateway Shopping Cntr - 11260 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee T-Mobil
McDonald's 530-587-3880 Deerfield Dr (off 89 S.), Truckee Wayport
Rocktonic Juice - 530-587-9991 Gateway Shopping Cntr, Donner Pass Rd, Truckee
Tahoeberry Eatery - 530-582-4535 12036 Donner Pass Rd. Donner Lake Exit N., Truckee
Holiday Inn Express 10527 Cold Stream Rd Donner Lake Exit, Truckee  
Emigrant Gap
Colfax +/- 10 mi. (Search)
Auburn (Search)
Starbucks Bell & Highway 49, Auburn T-Mobil
Starbucks Lincoln & Foresthill Way, Auburn T-Mobil
Holiday Inn 120 Grass Valley Hwy., Auburn Wi-Fi Alliance etwireless
Rocklin (Search)
Starbucks Highway 80 & Rocklin Road, Rocklin T-Mobil
Five Star Auto Detail 6818 Five Star Blvd., Rocklin Wi-Fi Alliance FiveStarWireless
Roseville (Search)
Starbucks Cirby & Riverside, Roseville T-Mobil
Starbucks Douglas & Sierra College, Roseville T-Mobil
Starbucks East Roseville Pkwy & Sunrise, Roseville T-Mobil
Starbucks 2030 Douglas Blvd. at Rocky Ridge, Roseville T-Mobil
Saturn 750 Automall Drive, Roseville Wi-Fi Alliance SaturnWireless
It's A Grind Coffee House 970 Sunrise Avenue, Roseville Boingo
More Wi-Fi Hotspots along I-80
Wi Fi Zone - free
T-Mobil - $10/day, $30-40/mo.
Boingo - $8/day, $22/mo.
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