OS Emulators

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Default Folder X, Screen catcher, ...
DiskWarrior (4.5)
QuickKeys (4)
Prices Jan. 2004
Prod. CDW* ClubMac Mac
MacMall ‡ Mac Zone
MS Office 370 350 340 350 340
Rank 4 3 1 3 1
Filemaker 240 225 230 225 275
Rank 4 1 3 1 5
Dreamweaver 400 400 400 400
Norton Util 45 50 45 48
DiskWarrior 80 80 75
* CDW Was MacWarehouse
¡ - MacMall is the same company as ClubMac now but still had separate catalogues a/o Jan. 2004

Consumer Reports Ratings Aug., 2006: Amazon (90), MacConnection (90), CDW (87), MacMall (84)
Forum recommendation: OWC for assorted parts, upgrades and accessories (great external HDs), SmallDog for systems or peripherals, especially if you are in New England. (SmallDog often has decent pre-packaged setups).
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See HardDrives for external HD prices.

Recommended by a UK Mac Guide Mag. 8/2011
Libre Office
Deja Vu
Fast Scripts (applescript, shell, pearl)
Cloud Pull (sync google cal, docs, contacts)

Tucows downloads
Versiontracker OS X Sftwr.

Mac Software Info.
mactopia at Microsoft Mac Windows Integration

General Electronics/Computing sies

Microsoft Windows on a Mac OS X
Web Development


OCR software

Q: Can anyone recommend a good money management software for Mac, a la Quicken?
Seems that most Quicken for Mac users are disappointed.
A: My accountant uses QuickBooks for PC, so I bought Parallels Desktop and QB/PC for compatibility.
QB is a heavy-duty accounting program which is good for tracking expenses in multiple
accounts (checking, credit card, mortgage) by category and date; 
I understand that it does not track stocks as well as Quicken. My accountant does not
recommend QB/Mac, since accountants use a PC and it is difficult to convert files back
and forth (accountant-client and PC-Mac).

Utilities see tech/mac/utilities
last updated 15 Feb 2004