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In the early days of tablets mainline browsers, Netscape, Internet Explorer only worked on desktop and laptop computers so special browsers were written for smartphones and tablets.
Most of the main browsers now have phone and tablet versions.

Browser Score/reviews (K)
google play PC Magazine
The built-in Android browser 3.8
Dolphin 4.2 4.7/975 4 (EC)
Skyfire 4.0 4.8 4.5/164
Opera Mini * 4.5/682
Opera Mobile * 3.6 4.5/303 4
Firefox 4.6 4.2/204 3.5
Google Chrome 4.1/193
Boat 4.4/21

* Opera Mobile is a standard browser with rendering done on the mobile device. Opera Mini uses an opera compression server which does the rendering, it is better for slower connections. See Opera Mini & Opera Mobile browsers

At Which Web Browser Should You Run On Your Android Device? (tomshardware.com),
mayankleoboy1 says,
"'Stock (Built-in) Android Browser. is a myth. There is NO "Stock" android browser. Each device manufacturer (Samsung, Asus, Lg, HTC) customise/modify the "stock" browser to match the SoC, the TDP, power saving, and specific browser benchmark targeted, for that device."

How to work with home page, tabs, bookmarks and history at Android Browsers (dmcritchie.mvps.org/android/)
Five Android browser power user tips - Tutorials - butterscotch


Browser Score
PC Mag ipad4lawyers
Safari (default) 45
Dolphin 3.5 55
Mercury 4
Google Chrome 3 44
Opera Mini 3 28
Atomic 62
iCab 73
Yahoo! Axis for iPad 3.5

The Best Web Browser for Android | LifeHacker says,
Chrome is your best bet for speed, support across devices, and integrated features.
Firefox for Android (Free) is fast, free, open-source, and a great browser if you use Firefox on the desktop. It can use Firefox sync to synchronize bookmarks, open tabs, history, and passwords with you, and it also has a pretty good library of add-ons, so you can get things like HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox mobile. If you can find it for the desktop, it’s probably available for Android, including AdBlock Plus, LastPass, Readability, and more. The ability to install extensions means you get an experience similar to the desktop, where your add-ons work inside the browser instead of kicking you out to another app, which is really great for things like your password manager.

So why is Dolphin no longer our top pick? Well, while at its core Dolphin is still a great browser, it feels like the developers are paying less and less attention to it, and every new update introduces a few more bugs and issues that weren’t there before. Recent reviews at Google Play seem to corroborate our experience, with plenty of people still in love with the browser (and don’t get us wrong, we love it too), but others reporting that it’s lost the huge lead it had over alternatives a few years ago and is now lagging behind in improvements and regular updates. Dolphin feels like a great product that’s kind of been left on the vine, and combined with the ease and integration of Chrome to Android, it feels like if you want to go where the updates, new features, and active development and improvements are, it’s time to move past Dolphin.

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