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These all work with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
They all have automatic form fill in also.
LastPass , by LastPass Editors Choice
 1Password, by AgileBits - Most popular in Apple community
 RoboForm, by Siber Systems. 

The Best Password Managers of 2018 | PCMag.com
Dashlane         5.0  Mac, Windows, android, iOS (no safari on macs)
Keeper           4.5  Mac, Windows, android, iOS, Linux 
Sticky Password  4.5
LogMeOnce        4.5
LastPass         4.0 Mac, Windows, android, iOS, Linux free version Safari?
1Password        3.5 Mac, Windows, android, iOS  (not compatable withlast ID)

The Best Password Managers: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company 2018

Best Password Manager 2018 - Lastpass vs. Dashlane vs. 1Password 2018
dashlane  9/10
LastPass  9/10
Keeper    8/10
Enpass    6/10
1Password 6/10

The 6 best password managers | CSO Online 2018

Bugs - Security issues:
Stop using password manager browser extensions
LastPass vs. 1Password: Which is better? Post your perspective - TechRepublic
tsivonen Nov 11, 2013
Best Comment:
Only positive comments for both LastPass and 1Password. I used both for two years. 1Password replaced Apple's Mobile Me Keychain synchronization for my personal information and Safari browsing. LastPass handled my professional information and Firefox/Chrome browsing. I typically have all three browsers open with different sites/services/applications for each. Switching between applications is quicker than switching between windows in an application. (at least for me)

Even with Apple's renewed synchronizing the Keychain in Mavericks I am going to stay with 1Password for my personal information. I am debating whether to continue LastPass. The extra cost isn't much but X-Marks has not synced well over the past year so I have moved to Chrome and Firefox's built-in tool. Professionally I have moved more into Google's Walled garden so it is only the move to iOS that is putting LastPass in question.

I really like the how 1Password works. It does have some quirks but not much to understand in order to use it to its full potential. If you are a Macintosh user combine a MacUpdate account and getting Licenses and such into 1Password is very easy. The Take Control of 1Password by Joe Kissell at $10 clearly set the work flow for me. Pairing it with Dropbox was easy as well.

There is nothing wrong or even difficult about LastPass. Kissell's guide was likely the reason I have moved toward 1Password. For whatever reason I haven't read through the guide for LastPass. I can't even say what it is like. It just didn't happen. LastPass has done a fine job. If I had to guess it is the troubles with X-Marks that may have started tilting the balance.

A positive for 1Password is that the iOS app works better for me than LastPass'. I do want to put their update through a good test the next few weeks before I can truly decide. I still like the comfort of separating my personal from professional stuff. If LastPass works well. I'll re-up for the year and continue using both.

Password manager review: LastPass v 1Password | smh.com.au
Mac users will find 1Password more elegant, although LastPass is more convenient because you can manage it from a browser plug-in without ever installing desktop software.

LastPass' cloud-based design makes it more versatile than 1Password. Both services support Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, but LastPass also adds Linux, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Surface RT.

Which password manager should you use 1Password, Dashlane, or LastPass? | Tips | Softonic
1Password is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

LastPass is compatible with the following browsers: Chrome, Dolphin Browser, Firefox, Firefox Mobile, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Opera, and Safari.

LastPass has Touch ID (fingerprint) support for iPhone 5s and above.

While it can add up over time, LastPass' subscription can't be beat for first time users. You can get started for only $12 a year.

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