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Grammarly seems to be the most popular Checker Grammarly for Mac Grammarly for Windows

Upload a file to be checked for grammar and spelling errors | online-spellcheck.com
A Test document with spelling errors.

Grammar and spelling rules.

Check Spelling, Style, and Grammar with After the Deadline

Dictionary Additions from Dave

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  • 21st Century Glossary The Futility of Using Microsoft Word's Spelling and Grammar Check
    Spell Checker does not recognize misspelled words in Word 2010 | support.microsoft.com
    Dictionary Additions from Dave
    Spell Checking in your Browsers and in Evernote D. McRitchie
    The 10 Best Websites to Improve Your Grammar
    MyWord.info MyWord Project - develop, demonstrate and promote a better way to convey the meaning of a word.

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