McBride Cabin
last updated 25 Jan 2020
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Wi-Fi Devices below

  • Ecobee4 Sept. 2019 Costco
    Registration Code; CYWA S/N 511810393131 Has built-in Alexa smart speaker linked to on amazon
    Bathroom sensor has about 2 years of battery life.
    See before and after wiring in manuals.
  • Nuheat Signature thermostat in Back Bedroom
  • Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker (Alexa) RS03QR 2nd gceneration .Stanislaus
  • Google Home Mini Smart Speaker Model HOA 1st generation.
  • Facmogu F900 Mini Bluetooth Power Amplifier Wireless Audio 50W x 2 $41 [4.4 (726)] (upstairs)
  • Fosi Audio BT20A Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Audio 2 Channel Amplifier Receiver Mini Hi-Fi Class D Integrated Amp 2.0CH for Home Speakers 100W x 2 $68 [4.4 (1,210)] (kitchen)
  • Aiwa Model: SX-NA22 speaker 6 ohm
  • Sonance HiFi Works HFW5 Outdoor Speakers 5 1/4 inch 8 ohm
  • AudioSource AE100VC Impedance Matching Volume Control
  • Router Netgear R6250 (AC1600). 802.11ac mcbridecabin mcbridecabin-5G WPA2-PSK [AES]: McBride5255
  • TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender RE220
  • 105 W COSOOS charging station
  • Living Room Smart Light plugs
    wemo mini WiFi smart plug model F7C063 by Belkin
    Belkin Official Support - Meet the Wemo Mini Smart Plug, F7C063a
    Belkin Official Support - Troubleshooting Wemo device issues
  • Large bedroom wemo light switch - WLS040 - 3/2020
  • Front bedroom deck light - Leviton - Decora Smart Wi-fi 15A 3/2020
  • Samsung 43" Smart 4K UHD TV - Black (UN43NU6900) - $250 Jan 29, 2020 Target
    S/N P09643CPMC08580H
    See more about the TV here.
  • Samsung T24D310NH 24” LCD 11/28/14 1366x768 768p in back bedroom
  • SuddenLink Pace model RNG200N Cable Box S/N PADL00073677 or KAGAFDL10442
    SuddenLink Atlas/Comporium/shaw Universal Remote 1056B0? How to Program Cable remote 1056B01 - YouTube
  • Wyze Wyze lock July 2021

    Wyze Cam | 1080p HD Smart Home Camera aimed at the driveway Stores videos on the web for 14 days.
    Has motion detection and Smoke and CO alarm detection which will send a notice to the app. See my notes.

  • Microwave - Panasonic Inverter - Model NN-SN667B - 1.2 cu. ft. 1300 Watt Panasonic Microweve Operating Instructions
    Glass Turntable plate - tray F06014T01AP When I googled tray for NNSN667B other 13.5" trays came up. $26 I got the Amazon one and it worked
  • Toaster Oven Breville - the Compact Smart Oven Toaster/Pizza Oven - Brushed Stainless Steel
    Model: BOV650XL $190 Best Buy Dec. 2021
  • Mr. Coffee SKX20 Replacement Parts
  • - Whirlpool 25 cu. ft. Model WRF535SMBB00 S/N K61719434 June 2016   Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF535SMBB00 Parts |   Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF535SMBB00 Parts | PartSelect
    Pantry End Cap Kit, LH and RH Part #: PS11738134
    Sears Parts Direct Refrigerator Pantry Drawer End Cap Set W10874836
  • Dishwasher Bosch 500 SERIES Black Model: SHPM65Z56N FD: FD0208000027 SN: 0208000027
    Airport Appliances Jan 2023 $1,000
    Customer Service: Support 800-944-2904
    See Info in manuals
  • Stove - Thor Profesional Gas Range HRG3618U S/N HRG3618U00773 June 2016 Thor Range Manual
  • Mixer - KitchencAid Classic Model: K45SS
  • Dymo 280 Label manager - D1 labels
  • Washer - Maytag - MHW6630HW0 Serial # C92150679 [CR 85 Reliability 3] - June 2019
    Washer Dryer receipt
  • Dryer - Maytag - MED6630HW0 - SERIAL # M91910476 - June 2019
  • Wood Burning Stove - Pacific Energy Super Series 13 1/2 x 8" door opening. Door Gasket 47" of 3/8" white gasket. You need to take the door off and lay it flat when installing the gasket to keep the adhesive from running.
  • Kitchen-Living room gas wall heater: Williams Furnace - 50GV-5 - Honeywell Millivolt Gas Valve
    Trouble shooting youTube
    Pilot light sensor (thermocouple) is a 600-750 millivolt "Power Generator" with a 32" wire.
    Thermostat: Emmerson Model M30
  • Back bedroom wall heater: Markel 87317-44.3 3164 on switch
  • Baseboard Heaters: Cadet SoftHEAT
  • Phone AT&T CL82351
    Battery BT183342/BT283342 2.4V 400mAh NI-MH battery

  • Printer Canon Pixma MG3520
  • Facmogu F900 Mini Bluetooth Power Amplifier Wireless Audio Receiver with Power Supp
  • Humidifier: Kenmore Evaporative Table Top Cool Moisture - Model 437.14114 Evaporative Pad: 14804
  • Vacuum: Hoover LiNX cordless stick Vac BH-150010 18-VOlt
    Filter 410044001, Battery 218BH50000-REV B
  • Hitachi HX 18-Volt (Now Metabo) Power Tool Combo (drill, sawsall)
    Metabo HPT 339782M 18V 3 Ah Battery $39 - New version lighter smaller.
  • Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw, SN: GCS80421
    chain pitch 3/8"
    Chain gauge 0.05
    Battery 72V 2Ah 80V Max $300
    Wrench GRV GCS80421
    User Manual
  • Plumbing
    Hot water Heater: 75 gal Bradford White - Hydrojet, Model: DH175S6FBN
    tub/shower - Moen
    Sink Faucet - Moen WS84912
  • Weber Grill - 3 burner Model 210000 around 2000 vintage (label under control knob tray)
    Weber 210000 Parts |
  • New downstairs bath toilet - seat - Kohler Memoirs quiet-close round biscut

New Queen big bedroom - IKEA HAUGSVÄR hybrid (innerspring with foam top)- $399
Mattress topper back bedroom - Nest Alexander Signature Cooling - Energex temperature-responsive-foam $299 Gateway Security Door 2021 Style: Pasadena Color: Silverado
Wi-Fi Devices:
13 as of Dec 23, 2020
Wired Wired
Device Name IP Address MAC Address
Outdoor Wyze Camera base station kithen cabnet 2C:AA:8E:DD:59:96
Wireless Wireless
Device Name IP Address MAC Address
Google-Home-Mini (Nest) kitchen 48:D6:D5:72:1D:2C
Chromecast-Audio kitchen 54:60:09:F1:73:A8
Nuheat termostat back bedroom 00:23:38:33:5C:27
Ecobee thermostat kitchen 44:61:32:41:AB:BF
wemo smart switch upstairs bedroom C4:41:1E:08:87:0B
Wyze cameras 2C:AA:8E:27:4F:73
Samsung TV living Room D2:F3:40:FD:4E:88
Roku2 back bedroom 08:05:81:CC:35:15
Leviton Smart Switch back porch D2:F3:40:13:35:1F
RE220 Ethernet range extenderfront bedroom D2:F3:40:D3:F3:40
Amazon Smart Speaker upstairs bedroom 78:E1:03:DA:5D:C2
MacBook 80:E6:50:0E:71:4A
iPhone 3E:64:10:B3:D8:6A
Apple Watch 08:F4:AB:64:FD:6D
Note: We have DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) so IP addresses are assigned automatically and will change as devices are turned off or on. Our Internet bandwidth from SuddenLink is 100 Mbps, which is fine.
Bandwidth Calculator: How Much Internet Speed Do I Need?

Netflix says you need:
5 Mbps for HD
25 Mbps for Ultra HD
To get Ultra HD with Suddenlink you need an altice settop box for $54/month You can’t notice the difference between HD and Ultra HD unless you are closer than 5’ for a 43” TV

The average home has 9 according to a recent article I read.

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