Wi-Fi McBride Cabin
Wi-Fi devices under appliances
SuddenLink cable internet 100 Mbps

Cable Modemn Netgear CM400 (manual) Spec: 340 Mbsp DOCSIS 3.0

Note: Even though the Cable modem and Router are capable of speeds over 300 Mbps,
 you are limited to the 50 Mbps coming in from SuddenLink.

Router Netgear R6250 (manual) AC1600 Spec: 802.11ac
 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band 1,300 Mbps on the 5 GHz band
 SSID: mcbridecabin 2.4 GHz band
       mcbridecabin-5G  5GHz band  
       The 5GHz band was consistently faster from all locations.
       However, the cordless phones also use the 5GH band.  We
       need to do more testing to see how this affects performance. 
Password:  Hint: <name><addr> (see note on the side of the refrigerator)
Security: WPA2-PSK [AES]
WiFi On/Off button. Pressing and holding this button for 2 seconds
             turns on and off the wireless.
WPS Button - Connect without entering a password  Press and within 2 minutes,
 go to the wireless client and join the network without entering a password.
 The wireless indicator will blink while the new client is being added.
This does not work on Apple products, Mac OS X, iPhones, iPads.
See WPS on android to use this on an android (Samsung, LG, DROID...) phone See about Wi-Fi at the cabin for more. See How to find passwords saved on your Mac
Trouble Shooting:
If mcbridecabin doesn't show up in Wireless Networks
  Press the power button on the back of the router to turn it off,
   (It's on kitchen table by the wall)
   wait 30 sec and press it again. It could take a couple of minutes to re-sync.

If you cannot connect to the network:
 If Internet LED  on the Netgear Cable Modem behind the TV is not on,
 Check coax cable connection. Check if the TV is working.
 See Power cycling your internet connection | SuddenLink.com
  Call SudenLink - Nola Pearson (530) 550-3914 nola.pearson@suddenlink.com  

If you need to get into the router go to www.routerlogin.net or
login cusadmin password is written on the bottom of the router.

Suddenlink Account
Login: mcbridecabin2, Password:Fa.....<addr>

9/19 test with modem under table
                  Modem  Internet
Place.              TX    Mbps
Kitchen             867   97
LR Desk             234   73-86
Back BR table      7-13   3-7
Large BR upstairs.  264  78-90

Usage: 250 GB / month [abt. 325 Hours of streaming (SD) video or 75 hrs of HD video]
You will be notified by phone and email when you hit 80% of usage.
Customer accounts will not be billed for exceeding a monthly data plan until the third overage.
 On the third and subsequent overages, the monthly plan will be increased in installments of
  50 GB at a cost of $10 per installment. 

Double Play                   $82.00
Includes: Standard Cable, Digital Service, Internet
Access, Broadband Internet 50Mbps

Paper Bill Convenience Fee 1   $1.00
HD/DVR Receiver 1             $15.00
Broadcast Station Surcharge 1  $8.39
Sports Programming Surcharge 1 $5.15
Tax and Fees                   $6.15
Total                        $117.69
  Suddenlink TV & Movies | Watch the latest shows, movies, and episodes
Pay-Per-View | Suddenlink Communications  

Snow cam:
D-Link DCS-930L Wireless N Network Camera
You could access it from the web at www.mydlink.com
Login: mcbridecabin@gmail.com
Passwd: Farmer5932

On the mac you have to use Safari or Firefox because it requires 64 bit Java and Chrome only supports 32 bit.

last updated 2 June 2016