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Build Backpacking Strength
Boost performance and be a better backpacker with these fitness- and strength-building moves from our experts.
Kneeling Halfmoon
Build your pack-hefting back and core.

Loaded Step-Ups
Build a strong core for better injury prevention.

Lower Back Complex
Strengthen your lower back for a more comfort on the trail.

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Stretching - Page 7 | Strength and Balance - page 8, 9
Common foot and leg injuries - p 10


Yoga for Backpackers
Ease post-hike pain and prep muscles for the next day.

How to Walk
Yes, there's a better way to put one foot in front of the other. Improve your stride, trek farther, and end leg and back pain with our guide to the new science of healthy hiking.

Beat Pack Strain
Hauling a heavy load can do a number on the neck, back, and hips. Stay pain-free with these tips.

Medicine Man: Is Deodorant Ok in Bear Country?
Q.} Why is it advised to leave odor free deodorant or antiperspirant behind in the backcountry when sunscreen and bug spray are considered ok? Wouldn't the same premise apply to all?
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