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Modern cars are not easy to work on. You're lucky if you can find the spark plugs.

Trouble Shooting
    Check Engine Light and Trouble Codes
Jeep problems

Car Talk
Automotive directories at:
Yahoo > Recreation > Automotive
Google > Recreation > Autos > Repair/
Auto Service ratings in Davis

Exhaust System
Engine Diagram (Sensors, Valves, ...)
Jeep Wrangler Front end
CV Joint, Jeep
Steering Knuckle Ball Joint
Oil Flow Diagram
Exhaust System
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) diagram
Shocks - Struts
See Shocks Vs. Struts :: MONROE

Tips - General Tips troubleshooting etc.
Gas, Octane and Combustion
Winter Mileage drops
Fluids overfilling oil, automatic transmission, differential,
Maintenance (coolant/antifreeze, oil, ...)
Cleaning and Protecting, rubber, vinyl and plastic
Jump Starting
Windshield Repair / Replacement
Trailer Towing Guidelines
Jeep Modification in recreation
High Gas Mileage AWD cars
Subaru XV Crosstrek
Headlight Adjustment

Auto Repair - Diagnostics, Estimates, Guides, Shops & Mechanics | AutoMD.com
Auto Service ratings in Davis
Auto Repair Reference Center (ARRC) available thru EBSCOhost from the library
Online Diagnostics and Repair at AllData. $25/yr.
Rust Repair
Removing Rusted Bolts
Duct Tape, WD-40, gasket sealer, ...
O2 (O2) Sensors - Function - Replacing

Brake Pad Life and Brake Job Cost
Brake Pads

Driving Tips:
KYB Americas | What worn shocks do (or don’t do)

Remote Access
Infotainment Systems
Tesla Home Charging
Electric Vehicle Charging

See under Products:
Home Charging Installation | Tesla
Trailer Hitches
Backup Sensors
Drivers Waving (Jeep, Motorcycle, Subaru)

Mail Order:
JC Whitney

Car Resource Sites:
Car Search - Gives A-Z listings of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. There is also a list of brand names arranged by product with supplier cross-references.

Autonomous Cars
Autos & New Car Buying Guides under products.

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