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Replacements typically run from $150 (flat windshield on a Jeep Wrangler) to $200-$300 (VW Golf, Ford Focus) to $550 (Lincoln Towncar).
If you get a chip or small crack that is not in the drivers line of vision you can get it repaired without replacing the whole windshield. You can do it yourself with a $15 kit or get someone to come to your house and do it for $40-$50.

Home (Mobil) Repair Services
Repairing a single rock chip costs around $40-$50
Long-crack specialists typically charges about $70 to repair a six- to twelve-inch windshield crack.
Techna Glass.com

Replacement Services (Sample price for 2001 VW Golf)
DiamondAutoGlass.com 800-234-GLASS ($234)
Safelite AutoGlass 877-800-2727
WindshieldPros.com (Southern California and the Lake Tahoe Area only)
See information on glass.net (GlassOne, 89 Glass, WindshieldSmith) below. ($300)

Sacramento Area
Glass Doctor.com 3300 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento 916-481-7575
Auto Glass Planet Dynamic, small office at F & 9th St. Davis, (530) 668-8777 ($200)
  Main office 2021 Fulton Ave Sacramento - Will come to your house. Speedy Glass, Olive Dr., Davis, (800) 874-5277 ($237)

Do It Yourself kits
Permatex Windshield Repair Kit at Ace Hardware $13
Glas Star Repair Kit

According to one web site some insurance policies include 100% of windshield replacement regardless of your deductable. My experience is that your deductable applies. Check with your insurance agent.
In my case I had a $200 deductable and got a chip. State Farm paid the $60 to repair the chip to avoid paying the $100 (difference between $300 replacement and $200 deductable) if the chip caused a crack to spread requiring a replacement.

If you live in Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, or South Carolina, you live in what's called a "Zero Deductible State." That means that your insurance company is required by law to allow you to replace your windshield using insurance with no deductibleÑas long as you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle.

Windshield Repair under Auto Repair Advice at AutoEducation.com
Auto Glass services listing at Amer. Auto Casting Numbers Club
Windshield Repair at AutoRisk.com
Glass Repair at GetaGoodHandyman.com
* Price quotes from Glass.Net
Sounds good; Get three quotes without having to track them down yourself, however the companies quoted all seem to be owned by the same company; Their prices were all with $10 of each other; They were all $60-$100 higher than other places.
Note: A forum said: They gave glass.net a try and only found one of the three quotes given on the website was from a shop that actually existed. Responding to that post was one from another reader who tried the site and then called each shop, indicating that in doing so, he found that each phone call he made was answered by the same person. The quotes are from GlassOne (800-GLASS-ONE) (800-452-7766), 89 Glass 1-800-89GLASS and WindshieldSmith 866-477-3367.
See article at GlassBytes.com

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