From: Francy Rubin

Hi Everyone,

  Our trip is going to be here soon! I thought that the current backpacker newsletter had some interesting information.
Check out the 3rd page of the walking article. It has a little physical test that you can do that can be enlightening!
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Don's comments:
The 2nd exercise says to put on a 15-20-pound pack and step up on a bench or step 16-20 inches high.
I think these exercises were designed for people who are younger than most of us. I'd start lower 12-inches high.
If you have weak knees or experience any pain at 12-inches I'd check with Francy before going any further.
Francy is a professional physical therapist who has worked with the US Olympic Team and can give you expert advice.

Backpacker says core (back / abs) exercises help to prevent bad form, like leaning forward, which can cause long-day fatigue.

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last updated 11 July 2012