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US Users
Nov '17
Facebook 159
YouTube 120
Instagram 101
Twitter 75
Pinterest 54
Linkedin 50
Snapchat 48
Reddit 24
Tumblr 22
Whatsapp 20
Google Hangouts 15
Skype 10
Tinder 9
Source: • Top U.S. mobile social apps by users 2017 | Statista
and 75 Super-Useful Facebook Statistics for 2018 | WordStream

Social networking has exploded in the last few years. Below are the top 100+ * sites. See Social Media at Wikipedia for more.


Social networking    
Instant Messaging - Chat - Text/voice/video
Location-based social networks
Social bookmarking (or social tagging)
Social news
Cloud document and note syncing
Forums - Discussion Groups
Q&">Others (Patients, Dating, Moms, Q&A, ..)
Design Tools
Users & Demographics
Blog Sites
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Group Texting
Information Aggregators/
Personal web portal
Music and audio sharing
Photography and art sharing
Video sharing
Presentation sharing

Webinars - Internet Conferencing
 - Share links
Social Network Sites (SNS) are are a sub category of Web 2.0 (User Generated Content) websites.
It is a reader pull model (readers decide if and when to look at content which stays up indefinitely) rather than an author push model, like email which was the dominant person-to-person e-communication platform.
Social media refers to the fact that they frequently contain images and video.
Initially used for communications with family and friends, social networking has been credited with playing an integral part in the overthrowing of dictators in the Middle East, known as the
Arab Spring in in 2011.
Most work on your laptop or PC but some like the Location services are designed for mobile devices (phones and tablets).

eBizMBA | Best: Blogs, eBusiness, Health, Dating, Science, ...

(xx) - U.S. Ranking amongst all web sites
[xx] - Millions of unique monthly U.S. visitors. Source: Quantcast a/o 2012-13
* The popularity of sites is constantly changing so "top 100" is used loosely here.

Share links [-Apple] - You will see these icons at the bottom of web pages and apps.
They link you to a variety of sharing sites or functions to post/save the links.
e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, tumblr, Instagram, YouTube,
Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, foursquare, Linkedin, Flickr, Vine,
Email, Print, Favorites/bookmark, Verizon-messages, Live Journal,
Blogger, Hangouts, Microsoft Live, Google Keep, Google Drive, Gmail, Yahoo mail,
Vimeo, Delicious, Evernote, WordPress, Lifestream, Menéame, VK, More


Social networking: 
  Top 15  | eBiz|MBA   
   Facebook - Facebook [210] (3)
   Linkedin - linkedin [46] (20)
     - myspace [70] (112)
   Google+ - Google+ [65]
   tagged Tagged [4] (415)
     Meet people, social gaming,
         topical discussion groups
   My Life my life [5] (2,926)
    - (2,994)
    - orkut (1,344)
    - Plaxo (11K)
Instant Messaging (IM)- Chat 
   - AIM Formerly AOL Instant Messenger
    - FaceTime (Apple) 
   - iMessage/Messages (Apple) - Hangouts (Google) * 
   - WhatsApp  (no message charges)
   - Viber  (no message charges)
   - BBM  
   - Facebook messenger  (no message charges)
   Verizon Messages
 Old IMs:
  * Google Talk (Win)  and Google Chat 
  were replaced by Hangouts
  † Apple iChat was replaced by Messages

  Messaging - -SMS, -MMS, -IM
- Best Messaging Apps: WhatsApp vs Skype vs BBM vs iMessage vs Hangouts | Digital Trends - Five apps as good as or better than iMessage in iOS 8 - CNET Skype Tango GrooVe IP with Yahoo Messenger - Windows Live Messenger formerly MSN, moved to Skype IRC IRC Internet Relay Chat Email Webinar Web Conferencing services Internet Phone Services IM and Chat Location-based social networks: Facebook places - foursquare (625) Yelp [17] (182) See location mapping here and Location-based service at Wikipedia

   - YouTube [450] (2)
  Music and audio sharing:
    - Pandora Radio [60] (349)
    - Yahoo Music [55] 
    - Google Play [52] 
    - Spotify [35]
    - MySpace Music [16]
   Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
       - LastFM [14] (552)
  Photography and art sharing:
  Pictures (Picasa) -  picasa [0.5] (663K)
  Pictures (Flickr) - flickr [10] (99)
  Pictures (Flickr) - Instagram [6.7] (36)
    (#4 app on smart phones)
  Pictures (Flickr) - Imgur [18] (11)
   - pinterest [77] (7)
  Photobucket - Photobucket  [16] (64)
  DeviantArt - DeviantArt
   Webshots  [5.8]
   Shutterfly [4.2]
   SmugMug [3.5]
   Note: You can also share photos on
   sites like Facebook, Tumblr and others
   See Photo Sharing
  Video sharing:
 Zoom meetings
 Amazon Chime
  - YouTube [450]
   - vimeo [18] (50)
   - Vine
     Youku Tudou
   - Dailymotion France [27]
   - viddler
  Presentation sharing:
   - SlideShare
  Prezi, scribd, 
  Live Video Streaming:
Blog Sites:
These are places you can set up your personal blog (blog hosting),
not to be confused with the big blogers like
The Huffington Post, Engadget, TMZ, ...

    - blogspot or blogger [64] (12)
    - [18] (26)
    - LiveJournal [5] (76)
    - TypePad [10](105)
    - Xanga (768)
    - RSS - Subscribe to a blog (see below)

  Content Management Systems (CMS) used to set up blogs
    - Drupal
    See Blogs

       Twitter - twitter [93] (6)
      Tumblr - tumblr [44] (24)
       - foursquare  (625)
       - posterous 
       - Weibo (Chinese) 
   - Meetup [8] (739)
   - Doodle Scheduling
    Yelp [17] (182)

  Eventful, The Hotlist,
   JamKazam, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Facetime, WebEX, ZOOM, slack. 
  - KickStarter - Fund a creative project (317)
  - indiegogo - Fund anything (35k)
  - Causes - Donations (744)
  - GoFundMe - Donations (2K)
  - CrowdRise - Donations for your cause (16K)
  - ycombinator 
 Top Sites For Fundraising listed at
 s Forbes | Mashable
Social Bookmarking / news :
   -  digg [2] (1,701) 
   - reddit [22] (50)
  mashable - Mashable [3] (206)
   - slashdot News for nerds [1.7] (1,254)
   - newsvine -[0.2] (14,800) news & bookmarks
   - flipboard [1.8] (1,142)
   - Listal  [0.6] (3,502)
  - Diigo 
  See news page

  Cloud document and note
   syncing and sharing:
   Google Drive - Google Drive
   Google Drive - Google Docs
   Dropbox - dropbox (224)
   Evernote evernote (1,186)

    - Apple iCloud 

 -Syncs music, pictures, calendar, etc. between 

     iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, (Was MobileMe)
 Microsoft OneDrive
7 best cloud storage services 2015
Groupware - Group collaboration software:
aka Task Management & Cloud Collaboration
Not generally considered social networking, I guess because there's a more formal structure and groups are usually smaller 12-100 people. They are typically set up for clubs, organizations and special interest groups.
They usually have an email list (or list server), calendar and document sharing.

Yahoo Groups - Yahoo Groups
Wiggio - Wiggio
Ning - Ning
Box Box
See also Cloud document and note syncing

Project Management:
Asana Asana
Trello Trello
Basecamp Basecamp
See The Best Project Mgmt Software & Apps
See also:
Usenet Groups (NetNews)
Besides Yahoo groups what other site has groups? - Yahoo! Answers
Work in Groups - EContent Magazine
Group collaboration software

  Webinars - Internet Conferencing:

These range from simple multi-user chats on Skype to on-line presentations where power point presentations are observed by all participants, to group collaboration where multiple people can update a document in the cloud.
Webinar Web Conferencing services
Forums - Discussion Groups:
These are typically not thought of as social networks because they are not individual based but topic based.
Google Groups - Google Groups is the current incarnation of pre-WWW services usenet / netnews which became dejavu.
There are thousands of Internet forums or discussion groups today. Technology (software and hardware support), video games, sports, music, fashion, genealogy, religion, and politics are popular areas for forum themes.
There is no dominant forum platform. phpBB, FUDforum and others provide software you can download to your own web site.">Proboards, ZetaBoards, and others will host your forum on their web sites.

Some popular forums: - Intellectual - Mothers - Movie forum - Music - Genealogy

  Community Support Sites - Patient blogs for sharing progress on an illness.
         Top 15 Most Popular Dating Websites. See Online dating

Social networking for Mom's:
  Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Women at
     - CafeMom - Moms Connecting About Pregnancy, Babies, Home, Health, ... (1,492)
     - Health, Beauty, Pregnancy, Entertainment, Women's Community, ...
Community Q&A:
- WikiAnswers
- Ask

Top 15 Most Popular Reference Websites

- Yahoo! Answers
- Quora
- eHow

Information Aggregators/Personal web portal:
    - Netvibes 
    My Yahoo!

 - Windows Live™ Spaces was transitioned to in 2010
 - Fanpop - Fan clubs for everything. - (1,326)

 - IFTTT - If This Then That -  Automates functions e.g. If rain forecast send email.

Hi5 Hi5 In 2008 it was as one of the top social networks,
    In 2010 it was bought by tagged.

  You will often see the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) icon associated with SNS.

RSS is not a SNS, but many blogs are set up with RSS feeds so you get updates automatically.
See Using Social Media Sites As "RSS Readers" - Online Collaboration
Design Tools: - designmoo A website dedicated to giving designers a place to share resources. Users can post fonts, icons, ... - designfloat Web design news & tips - An online portfolio platform for creative professionals, including photography, graphic design, illustration, ... - a web feed management provider - ShareThis - Provides code to add to your web site to create a share button. Aimed at advertisers and publishers. BitTorrent - Sharing and Download engine for music, software, ... People Search: See The Search page International: Odnoklassniki (russia, VK (russia, Others: Bebo is a wiki Q&A combined with free online dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedias. Buzznet is a photo, journal, and video-sharing social media network. Members participate in communities that are created around ideas, events and interests. IGN is an entertainment website that focuses on video games, films, music and other media. IMVU is a social game and entertainment site where millions of people meet, chat, play games and have fun. Netlog is a European youth-oriented online community available in over 20 languages where users create profiles, join groups, post blogs and media. BlackPlanet is a social networking site targeted to the African American community with music, jobs, forums, chat, photos, dating personals and groups. Kongregate is an online gaming site where users can upload and play flash-based games, earn points and rewards for high scores and discuss in user forums. Rankings
* Rankings come from several sources, Alexa, Quantcast,
and SiteAnalytics @
so results may be inconsistent. They are only general guidelines.

A Case Study in Social Media Demographics | OnlineMBA Mar., 2012 SNS uses,
67% - Stay in touch with friends
64% - Stay in touch with family
50% - Reconnect with old friends
14% - Connect with people who share similar
 9% - Make new friends
 5% Read comments from celebrities, athletes
    or politicians
 3% - Find potentially romantic partners

At "The new normal in the digital age", Pew's Internet & American Life Project says,
Networked creators are everywhere
(two-thirds of adults; three-quarters of teens)

66% of int. users are social networking site users
55% share photos
37% contribute rankings and ratings
33% create content tags
30% share personal creations
26% post comments on sites and blogs
15% have personal website
15% are content remixers
14 %are bloggers
13% use Twitter
  6% location services
  9% allow location awareness from social media

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project


According to Nielssn in 2011 social media represents 22.5% of the time Americans spend online. They spend 9.8% on online gaming, and just 7.6% for email.
On a typical day, 43% of online adults use social networking.

According to a 2012 Pew study 63% of teens exchange text messages, while only 6% exchange email.

There were 245 Million Internet Users in the U.S. in Feb., 2012.
The percent using each Social Network Service (SNS)  was:

64% Facebook      
26% Twitter      
25% BlogSpot      
15% Linkedin        
 6% MySpace  
Note: These kind of stats are tricky. Average users tend to access SNS sites more frequently (typically several times a day) than others such as shopping sites, so total visits may be a higher percentage. The number of visitors in any given time period may be lower, because a few people people visit infrequently.

Social networking sites accounted for 5% of internet traffic in 2006 (when MySpace accounted for most of it).
Source: Social Networking Sites in 2006 | SearchRank Blog
In May 2011 SNS accounted for 16% (Mashable) to 22% (Nielsen) of time spent online.
In 2011 SNS was the #5 most popular online activity (65% of Internet users do it) behind, email (92%), searching, news and shopping (71%), according to Pew Internet & American Life Project

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