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last updated 2 Apr 2020
Under Construction is emerging as the most popular platform for video chats in these shut-in times.

Zoom works on desktops, laptops, smart phones and laptops. There are 2 ways to join.

1. Copy this to your browser Click "Join a Meeting" at the top of the page Enter 567-134-0197 in the Meeting ID It will ask you to download the app On a Mac it will put a file in downloads. Run it to download the app and go to the meeting. 2. Set up an account at Sign up for Free Enter Email Addr Go to your email click Sign in in It goes to zoom click Join a Meeting at the top You will window to run zoom or download it Enter 567-134-0197 in the Meeting ID is emerging as the most popular platform for video chats in these shut-in times. Wendy, Kathie Sikes and I have experimented with small chats. This will be a test of a larger chat. How To Install on Mac - Zoom Help Center

Zoom is not currently included in the Windows Store, so if you have this setting turned on, you will need to whitelist Zoom.
See: Installing Zoom on Windows 10 Creators Update

Return to Web.

Dave McRitchie's notes;
It may take you five minutes to set yourself up try to be ready before the meeting starts. If you start from your browser with the link, you will not have to enter meeting id, nor password.

It will open a new task, Zoom, on the taskbar
Open Zoom
You will see Launching ...
If host has not signed in,You will see Waiting for host When host is ready, enter your name when requested Floating bar at bottom is visible when you move cursor to bottom of screen

Show my connected time
Always display participant names on their video
Spotlight my video when I speak (put a green border on video when talking)
Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting
Mute my microphone when joining a meeting (in case you join late), you can unmute mic
Press and hold SPACE key to temporarily unmute yourself
Share Screen    
Enter full screen when a participant shares screeniw ridicu
Scale to fit shared content to Zoom window
Silence system notifications when sharing desktop

To host a ZOOM meeting you must install ZOOM on your machine, for Windows laptop      Sign up for Free   >   Free
Install   install for Windows
Schedule a meeting |

Hot Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom - Zoom Help Center [Windows/Mac/Linux, iOS]
How do I share my screen during a zoom call? - Quora,  more information see  Sharing Your Screen - YouTube [1:11]
How To Use Zoom (plus Breakout Groups) -- Favorite Video Conferencing Platform - YouTube [33:11]
How to work with tablets and cellphones
Zoom Mobile Meetings - YouTube  [0:52]
How to Use Zoom with an iPad or iPhone for Client Meetings - YouTube [5:57]
Zoom: Running a meeting & Screen Sharing - YouTube [8:08]
Meeting Controls - YouTube [10:16]  by Zoom
Get a quick introduction to the basic meeting controls available on Zoom calls.
Zoom Basics - Using Zoom for Classes and Meetings - YouTube [22:13]
Note 40 min limit on Free version was not removed for Coronavirus in US/Can except for teachers K-12 by application.
Zoom | Support during the COVID-19 pandemic, tutorials and suggestions for use during coronavirus
Coronavirus Tips: How to make a mask without sewing (DIY video) -
To rejoin a meeting   40 minute time limit only applies to 3 or more people
Click on Join or  Click on Meetings  (select) > mouse over blue area to Start (or   Copy,  Edit,  Delete) .   Can't rejoin after midnight of meeting scheduled date.      (get rid of personal room images, add what host sees later)

Zoombombing: What it is and how to prevent it in Zoom video chat - CNET
Suggest schedule from mail not via zoom contacts, Never add to zoom contacts.
Alway schedule with a password not to your personal room, which would mean you  would have to accept unregistered entrants, just like if someone other than host invites someone else.

To host a ZOOM meeting you must install ZOOM on your machine, for Windows laptop      Sign up for Free   >   Free
Install   install for Windows
Schedule a meeting |

To cohost a meeting, once a meeting is started you can choose someone else to host, but you can always get back control so you never really give up your privilege as host.  From participants panel.

Alternate facilitator,  must be assigned at the time you schedule a meeting. Can be set up so that they can start the meeting of you arenot present.

Contacts setup screen (I am just using email to avoid zoom bombing, passwordsare req'd starting Apr 5, 2020)

Evernote page by David McRitchie "Zoom Meetings, Getting Started"
Meeting and Webinar Best Practices and Resources - Zoom Help Center

Accessibility Tips for a Better Zoom/Virtual Meeting Experience - Deaf/Hard of Hearing Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
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