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Two Most Popular
Evernote - Problems when off-line
Springpad (discontinued)
Google Keep
Also recommended
Catch (formerly 3banana) (4.3)
AK Notepad
Supernote Pro text + drawingx
National Velocity
Microsoft OneNote - part of a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, starting at $100 per year

Mobisle Notes sync with Google Docs
GooMemo is working well for me. Easy to export to SDcard.
OI Notepad

Text Editors
Google Keep vs. OneNote vs. Evernote: We name the note-app winner | PCWorld
Online Notebook Smackdown: Evernote Vs. Springpad | Xconomy At Why Office 365 is a better value than Evernote Premium | PCWorld they say, Office is better because you the the Office Pro with it for $100/yr. However Evernote at $45/yr edged out OneNote as a note taking app. The Best Note-Taking Apps (Note Everything Pro [Android], Smplenote (iOS) Note Taking Apps at note-taking.net Catch's API Lets Apps Talk to Each Other No desktop app Catch.com | Catch on Fluid (Desktop app for Macs) Evernote's Competition: AK Notepad and Catch Notes (Video) Catch Notes A Note Taking App For Android & iOS That's Definitely Worth A Look Notes App vs Evernote vs Notational Velocity - MacRumors Forums
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IDEA: Deeply integrating into the OSX file system - Evernote - Evernote User Forum
After frustratedly rearranging my folders on my mac today for the 1000th time, I found myself longing for the power and simplicity of the Evernote filing system.

I think it's time someone disrupted this whole traditional folder-based file system.

There are several file-tagging solutions available for OSX, but how annoying it is to have such a great filing system in Evernote, and then have a separate filing system for my local files. And with Evernote, the lines between "notes" and "files" are now totally blurred.

Dropbox, Box, Google Docs also have this same traditional file-based organization.

I'm wondering if there are other people like me - that are willing to jump ship and go to a completely tag-based file system.

If I there are others like me, what if Evernote published a deeply integrated solution for all of my files. Those files that I tag might then be automatically added to my Evernote world (auto-synchronized, versioned, OCR'd, etc). It would be incredibly valuable.

So in short, my request is this: Evernote, please replace my folder-based file system. I'm tired of it and you guys could do a much better job!

Notes App vs Evernote vs Notational Velocity - MacRumors Forums
I have tested the Notes App on Mountain Lion (Mac OS X) and I can simply say that it sucks. It may be sufficient for casual users who make notes from time to time but for anything a little bit more serious it is not good.

1. I really do not like to look at the linear yellow pad all the time. Might have been cool a few years ago, but now I just want plain white.

2. No tags and no folders.

2. Inserting images is very basic.

After using nvALT for a while I think I might be switching to Evernote and use nvALT for short term notes and writing workflow. ___________________ I use Catch for Android. It's pretty, fast, and supports text, photos, audio recordings, and sync.

last updated 16 Aug 2012