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Apple Watch: In 2018 Google pulled its Maps app for Apple Watch. This was actually part of the great Apple Watch app exodus earlier this year. Amazon, eBay, Instagram and Slack joined Google in pulling apps.

Why? Well, it was a combination of Apple requiring native watchOS apps and companies figuring out that not everything made sense on the wrist. For some companies, the development time invested in making a smartwatch app just wasn't worth it. So no Google Maps app for Apple Watch.

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The Best Screen Protectors for the Apple Watch (Series 1-4) - Mobile Reviews Eh
In general, the glass used in Apple Watches is quite poor. It doesnʼt take much effort to crack the glass along the edges of the product which means the glass is poorly tempered or not tempered at all. Certain companies will try to include a plastic rim around the glass which helps with the look of the product. However, the glass is still incredibly cheap, has a poor oleophobic coating and once it cracks, it looks awful.

Most of the plastic screen protectors that weʼve seen are made from a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) film.
Every TPU film weʼve used has cheapened the feel of the Apple Watch. We personally like the smooth surface of the glass screen on the Apple devices

Despite being our most preferred product, we’re not 100% sold on the Liquid screen protectors. Thereʼs a lot of marketing fluff that goes with Liquid screen protectors such as improved impact resistance, scratch resistance and oleophobic coating improvements. Out of those three, we were only able to show that liquid screen protectors improved the impact resistance the glass that we put it on.
Liquid screen protectors technically will improve scratch resistance as you are adding a thin layer of glass to the device. However hereʼs the thing, once you scratch it, you canʼt take it off and replace it.
Do you really need a screen protector?
The older Apple Watches, despite being worn everyday for a year have no noticeable scratches to them and we bang our wrist on a wall on a daily basis.

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