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last updated 23 Jan 2019
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We are getting more ane more telemarketing calls, election calls, robo calls, ...
While the problem was largely limited to traditional land lines in the past, mobile phones are now also targets. even on our mobile phones now.

The terminology is not use consistently, but there are a several things that fit into the category of unsolicited calls.

  • Calls with a prerecorded message (typically political) auto-dialed to a list of phone numbers of people who have given their numbers out.
  • People on a phone bank making calls.
    It use to be people dialing numbers themselves; Now most use autodialing software which dials multiple numbers and detects when a call is answered switching it to a person. There will usually be a delay before a person comes on the line.
They are getting more sophisticated with banks of foreign exchange numbers all over the company, so the call appears to be from someone in your area.
Phone Company Options:
Anonymous Call Rejection | AT&T

Stop Unwanted and Annoying Phone Calls | Verizon Phone Support
Verizon Call Filter App | Verizon Wireless $2.99

Why Is Verizon Charging $3/Month For Call-Blocking Service That Others Offer For Free? | Consumer reports

What's the Government doing:
Illegal and spoofed robocalls - are the FCC's top consumer complaint.
National Do Not Call Registry (donotcall.gov)
You used to be able to register your number in a national database and phone companies were supposed to block solicitation calls. They were overwhelmed with this project and there is insufficient funding to enforce it.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) addresses this problem | Experian
The FCC has stated that with respect to autodialed or prerecorded debt collection calls, to the extent that they do not contain telemarketing messages, would not require any consent when made to residential wireline consumers, but require either prior written or oral consent if made to a consumer’s wireless number

FCC’s Robocall Strike Force Kicks Into Action Today (2016) | Consumer Reports Robocalls | Consumer Information | ftc.gov


RoboKiller 4.6 (146K)
Hiya  4.6 (146K)
TrueCaller 4.6 (130K)
TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID 4.3 (6K)
Verizon Call Filter App | Verizon Wireless $2.99

Nov 2017

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"Out of Area", "Private Number" "No Caller ID" calls are not things you can block.
Not sure about "Unknown", "unknown caller" and "unknown name" What if it is your daughter calling from a payphone? Or your Doctor's office? Many offices do not display Caller IDs..... you can block all numbers not in your contact list by doing this: go to settings. open "Do Not Disturb" slide on "Manual" tap on "Allow Calls From" Select "All Contacts"
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