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Glossaries, Acronyms and Terms

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IT General:

SDLC - Software Development Lifecycle

CA - Certification Authority
CAPI - Crypto API
CC - Country Code
CC - Country Code for Cocos (Keeling) Islands opened for public use
CC - Common Criteria
a grammarfor describing Information Technology (IT) system security. 
CC - Creataive Commons
A non-profit organization providing an environment where licenses are easy to create, easy to 
link to content. Unlike the GNU GPL, Creative Commons licenses are not designed 
for software, but rather for other kinds of creative works. 

CC - Credit Card
CC - Content of Communication 
CC - Control Channel
CC - Call Control
CCA -  Cardholder Certification Authority 
CIFS - Common Internet File System - The file sharing protocol used in Windows. 
It evolved out of SMB.  Submitted to the internet for standart by Microsoft but never accepted.
Clipper Chip 
CLEI - Common Language Equipment Identifier
Used to identify circuit cards and other equipment in the global telecommunications network.
CMS - Cryptographic Message Syntax 
CSP - Certification service provider
DAC - Discressonary Access Controldo.txt
DCE - Distributed Computing Environment
DES - Data Encryption Standard 
DES is a very old algorithm so there are some different implementations today.
DFS - Distributed File System
DSCP - Differentiated Services Code Point - Quality of Service (QoS) configurations 
DSIG - Digital Signature Namespace (proposed)
EAL - Evaluation assurance level 
Fortezza Initiative - 
  Government security PCMCIA card using PKI security keys for secure e-mail
  in the Defense Message System (DMS).
FQDN - Fully Qualified Domain Name
FRAD - Frame Relay Assembler Disambeler
GSS - Generic Security Service
GUID- Globally Unique IDentifier
A pseudo-random 128-bit number that is computed by Windows in order to identify
any component in the computer that requires a unique number.
IPsec - IP Security
IP-STB - IP Set Top Box
IRIS - Infrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems
ISS Internet Security Systems
LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LSA - Local Security Agent      image_aspect_ratio.html
MAC - Media Access Control
MAC - Mandatory Access Control
    Mandatory Access Control controls is where the system controls access to resources
    based on classification levels assigned to both the objects and the users.
    These controls cannot be changed by anyone.
MAC - A Message Authentication Code
A function that takes a variable length input and a key to produce a fixed-length output.
NCSC - National Computer Security Centersk-top
NID - network interface device 
the interface between the local loop connection to a DSLAM in an ADSL connection.
NID - Network Identifier 
NID - Namespace Identifier Code used in URN's.
URN Namespace IDs are registered at IANA
See also Digital Rights Management for Research and Education and RFC 3406.

NID - Network Intrusion Detector
NID - National ID
NSDD 145 - National Security Decision Directivecd 
NSS - Namespace Specific String
OASIS - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
PAC - Principal Attribute Certificate
PAP - Password Authentication Protocol
PEM - Privacy Enhanced Mail
    RFC 989 [15] issued in 1987
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
PIC - Pegasus Imaging Corporation
PIN - Personal Internet Name
A Verisign mantained namespace for people and organizations
PKCS - Public-Key Cryptography Standards 
PKI - Public Key Infrastructure
PKIX: Public-Key Infrastructure X.509 Group
PMing - Private Messageing - Sending a message to an individual rather than a group
Public-Key Infrastructure X.509 group (PKIX) is an IETF working group that is specifying an
architecture and set of protocols needed to support an X.509-based PKI for the Internet.
RAS - Remote Access Services
S/MIME - Secure MIME
SAM - Security Account Manager  
SET - Secure Electronic Transactions
SID - Security ID               
SIM Security Information Management    
SMB - Server Message Block  file sharing protocol protocol in DOS (NetBIOS).
SSCD - Secure signature creation  device
SSID - Service Set Identifier - An network identifier.  Identifier attached to packets sent over
the wireless LAN that is used for joining a particular
radio network (BSS).  May or may not be broadcast so new devices can find a network.
SSL - Secure Socket Layer
URN - Uniform Resource Name 
A persistent, location-independent, resource identifier.
Format urn:<NID>:<NSS>
UUID - Universally Unique IDentifier 
WEP - Wired Equivalent Privacy - Generates secret shared encryption keys
that both source and destination stations can use to alter frame bits to
avoid disclosure to eavesdroppers. 
VOD - Video on Demand
WOT - Web of Trust


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