Homewood Mountain Resort
1961 - After the 1960 Olympics Tahoe was becoming a ski destination. Ron Rupp piched the idea of creating a ski area in Home to Don Huff, who owned the hotel.
1961 - Ron Rupp and others set up a rope tow on what would become Homewood Mountain Resort.
196? - The urban legend was "The rope tow was stolen and moved south to Tahoe Ski Bowl."
  Rupp clarified that in a recent interview. When he was called into the service he sold the rope tow to Max Hoff who established Tahoe Ski Bowl.
1962 - The Helen Alrich and her son George bought the Homewood Hotel and ski hilln from Don Huff, a Woodland farmer.
Ron and George built a new platter lift where the happy platter sits today.
1963 - The first ski lift was built on the beginner area to the right of the platter
1969 - Ernest Kettenhoffen sold Chambers Lodge to the Pirini Corporation. This included the Quail Lake Water Company and a half-interest in Tahoe Ski Bowl.
1970 - Rupp hired a crew and established the Madden Chairlift and established the Miner’s Delight, Bonanza, and Gilbert’s Gultch runs.
1973 - Work started on the the Old Homewood Express quad lift.
Mike Brown, who ran a seaplane business and was also involved in Homewood Ski hired Bud Rosenberg as mountain manager to manage this and establish the Rainnbow Ridge run. 1975 - Jamie Kettenhoffen of Tahe Ski Bowl put up the Ellis chair.
1977 - Tahoe SKi bowl had 1 double lift , 1 triple lift a t-bar andn rope tows
1987 - Homewood Ski Area (Hellen Alrich) bought Tahoe Ski bowl to the south and the combined areas are now know as Homewood Mountain Resort.
1998 - The Jeff Yurosek family (JLLC), who own a pistachio farm in Southern California, bought Homewood Mountain Resort.
2005 - Homewood Mountain Resort was struggling financially and sold several hundred acres from Madden Creek North to Cherry Street to the National Forrest Service.
2006 - HMR was in negotiations with the Forest Service to sell the propert to them for $60 - $65 Million. In turn the Forest Service would lease it back to HMR at a price that allow them to survive.
The Forest Service was earnest about the transaction and had recently requested funding for the acquisition in their 2007 budget. The alternative was to sell it to a developer who would build houses, which would result in any soil damage, water damage.
It was supported but the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA).
But Representative Doolittle, R-Roseville, whose district covers the Tahoe Basin, added a provision into a recent federal spending bill that will block any funding for the purchase of the land on Tahoe’s west shore. His argument was to reduce federal spending and there was no way the spending would benefit taxpayers. 2006 - JMA Ventures (Art Chapman - President) bought Homewood Mountain Resort from Jeff Yurosek. The asking price was $22 million.

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