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Population: 840 (2007)
1,396 residences; 369 are occupied year round.


In 1980 Nate Topol bought the Lakefront property where the old Homewood Hotel stood, the Homewood Marina Lodge, the Homewood High & Dry Marina, the Grubstake Lodge and other properties.
He built the Topol Pavilion and scheduled a series of summer concerts.

In 200?-2006 Topol built 3 "Villas at Harborside" (fractional-ownership residences) and completed the new West Shore cafeCafé & Inn. The Villas rent for $3,500-$5,000/week and sell for around $750,000 (units on the lake side of the lot) for a quarter share. The Oliver Realty web site says phase 1 sold out, but as of May, 2007 I heard that only one of the three had sold out.

The Feb., 2006 Homewood Home Owners Association minutes state:

"In view of possible parking and lake access issues brought about by his proposed expansion of the Villas at Harborside Project, Nate has offered to mitigate these issues by materially helping to achieve community-parking solutions. Mr. Topol is also interested in providing assistance to the Association relative to validating the title to our beach parcels. This action would make it possible for the association to significantly improve the lake front parcels in terms of legitimizing the ownership, improving the parcels, and helping with maintenance, thus improving lake access and buoy rights for the association members."

Keep Tahoe Blue urges TRPA no vote in Nov. 2006.

Topol planed to build nine more units, but after objections by residents, reduced the number to six. This was approved by TRPA in Apr., 2007.
As part of the deal Topol agreed to tear down the Homewood Marina Lodge and promised to contribute $100,000 to the Homewood Home Owners Association for development of public beach access in the Homewood area.
Topol will also construct a boat-washing facility, potentially the first at Lake Tahoe, to protect the lake against invasive aquatic species.

Ski Area

In 2006 JMA Ventures (Art Chapman, president) bought Homewood Mountain Resort (HMR) which was loosing from $500,000 to $1M per year and proposed "a new business model necessary for Homewood to remain a viable public recreational amenity". It is described at the Homewood Master Plan at skihomewood.com and includes:
Character and Lifestyle principles
The timeline calls for construction in 2010-2015
See Homewood Mountain Resort


Bike Path:
In 2006 there was a proposal to relocate the bike path from San Souci to the highway.
At the August, 2006 Homewood Home Owners Association meeting, Lou Reinkins, a Homewood Association member and an elected member of the TCPUD, gave an update on the proposed bike path and highway improvements through Homewood. The final design with alternatives will be available at the end of September. The current agreement is for the bike path to be on the west side of the highway; however, placing the bike path along San Souci Ave. is an alternative. If the bike path is to be along the highway, the highway centerline will need to be moved about 4 ft to the east.

Mr. Ken Keaton, Senior Transportation Engineer,
Department of Transportation (District 3)
703 B Street
P.O. Box 911
Marysville, Ca 95901-0911
Phone Number: 916-274-5954 E-mail: keaton@dot.ca.gov

Homewood Traffic:
Peak Month Average Daily Traffic:
1980   1985   1990   1993
9,700 10,400 11,400 14,500 
Source: Traffic Volume Counts on State Highways, Caltrans
Hwy 89 - Ward Creek Bridge:
Year South North
Peak Hr Peak Mo AADT Peak Hr Peak Mo AADT
1999 2200 13700 8100 2000 15800 9500
2005 830 10900 8000 1000 13400 9800
AADT - Annual Average Daily Traffic
Source: Volumes on the California State Highway System CalTrans:
1999 Traffic - Hwy 88-91
2005 Traffic - Hwy 88-91

As part of the Truckee-North Tahoe Transportation Management Association Expansion Study conducted in 1992, a total of sixteen interviews were conducted by LSC staff members with local business leaders. When asked to cite the most important issues that face the Truckee-North Tahoe area, the primary concern indicated by the respondents was that the existing infrastructure will not be able to accommodate future growth in the area. As a result, there is thought to be a high potential for gridlock in the area.

In their Apr, 2007 "On The Homefront" newsletter from Homewood Mountain Resort they say:
Volume in the month of August for SR 89 in Homewood peaked at 13,700 vehicles per day in 1999. In comparison, the 2005 value was 10,900, a 20 percent reduction.

The summer traffic problem on SR 89 at Fanny Bridge, however, is very serious. Due to a combination of high traffic volumes, pedestrians crossing the road and all those "fannies" on Fanny Bridge, north- bound traffic queues form during the middle of busy summer days that can stretch back a mile or more, and result in delays of 30 minutes or more. Traffic levels at Fanny Bridge, moreover, have increased from a 1999 peak month average daily traffic volume of 26,500 to a 2005 volume of 27,500.

See the newsletter for some proposed solutions.

Community Enhancement Program (CEP)
A TRPA program which allows developers to benefit from amendments to local parking, height and density regulations for implementing environmental improvements and projects which enhance the quality of life for residents, improve the visitor experience and contribute to the long-term economic vitality of the region.
Such regulations often get in the way of the sort of mixed-use development TRPA and other local jurisdictions are trying to promote.
TRPA consultant and CEP creator Darin Dinsmore said the CEP provides developers the opportunity to give Tahoe a "creative and designed future," not a "regulated future" as it is right now.

According to MoonShineInk.com it is a planning initiative that turns the agency's traditional approval process on its head. According to TRPA, CEP will demonstrate what Lake Tahoe communities can look and feel like over the next 20 years if we start revamping commercial core areas.

Environmental benefits should include improved water and air quality due to reduction of auto trips, green buildings, and restoration of degraded ecosystems.

Five of seven prosed projects as of July 2008 are in Kings Beach. TRPA will decide in January, 2009 which qualify as CEP projects.

Other programs like the Placer Co. Place-Based Planning Process identifies areas of opportunity to reinvest in Placer County's Basin Community commercial areas. They have targeted Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Tahoe City and Homewood.

See: Lake Tahoe Regional Plan Update at Regional Planning Partners
  Placer Vision Summary
An in-depth look at TRPA's innovative Community Enhancement Program at MoonShineInk.com

APC - Advisory Planning Commission - Advises TRPA on technical and scientific issues.
BMP - Best Management Practice
BOS - Board of Supervisors
CEP - Community Enhancement Program - A TRPA program which implement environmental improvements, enhance the quality of life for residents, improve the visitor experience and contribute to the long-term economic vitality of the region.
CEQA - California Environmental Quality Act
CFA - Commercial Floor Area
DBH - Diameter at breast height - Tree measurement outside bark.
EA - Environmental Analysis
EIP - Environmental Improvement Program (TRPA)
EIR/EIS - Environmental Impact Report / nvironmental Impact Statement
HHOA - Homewood Home Owners Association
HMR - Homewood Mountain Resort
JMA Ventures - Owners of Homewood Mountain Resort
LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - U.S. Green Building Council building certfication.
NOP - Notice of Preperation - Public notification that an EIR/EIS document will be prepared.
NTCAA - North Tahoe Citizens Action Alliance
NTRAC - North Tahoe Regional Advisory Council - Advises the Board of Supervisors.
PAOTS - Persons at One Time - (TRPA) A measure of overnight accomidations for the general public.
PCRA - Placeer County Redevelopment Agency
PUD - Public Utility District
PWG - Placer Co. Place-Based Working Group
SAG - Science Advisory Group - advised TRPA in 2003
SEZ - Stream Environment Zones
SRG - Susan R. Gearhart
TAU - Tourist Accommodation Units
TCPUD - Tahoe City Public Utility District
TMDL- Total maximum daily load. - Allowable fine sediment and nutrients.
TRPA - Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
TWG - Technical Working Group
VMT - Vehicle miles traveled
WIP - Watershed Improvement Project (Kings Beach)

North Lake Tahoe Development Plan, 1995 - Developed for a committee of citizens appointed by the Placer County Board of Supervisors.
Homewood Master Plan at SkiHomewood.com -   Newsletters
North Tahoe Citizens Action Alliance (NTCAA) - Newsletters
  NTCAA Alternative Proposal to TRPA, Feb., 2008 Homewood History
Homewood Home Owners Association
"Villas at Harborside" at RealtorTahoe.com
Placer County
  Clerk - Recorder
    Search Records
  Placer County Zoning Maps (parcel numbers):
    Ski Lodge (097-130-034), South Ski Lodge (097-050-072)
    Villas at Harborside (097-130-030 to 033)

Villas at Harborside

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