• There is a snow shovel on the back deck just around the corner from the front.
    Another is hanging under the roof on the side of the garage.
  • 1. Turn water heater Temp. on the large red dial at the bottom front of the tank from Vacation to Warm or slightly higher (much higher and water can be scalding). Turn large red dial at the bottom front. The light in the water heater alcove only works if the light over the dining table is on.
  • 2. Heaters - Turn thermostat in kitchen bookshelf to 65-68°. If heater does not come on check that the pilot light is lit. It is in the bottom section of the living room side of the heater. If not, turn the dial on the left to pilot, push in and hold for 30-60 sec thenlight the pilot light in the upper right with a lighter or match. (A silver wire runs from the dial to the thermocouple and pilot light). See:

    Bathroom - (On left in hallway from kitchen). Turn wall heater heat setting to 3 or 4.

    Back bedroom - Turn wall heater to on (straight down). Adjust thermostat if necessary.

  1. Reverse the procedures for hot water and heat.
  2. Turn thermostat in kitchen down to 51-52°
  3. Set bathroom thermostat between 1 and 2.
  4. Leave doors to laundry & bthrm open so heat can circulate and prevent the pipes from freezing.
  5. Turn water heater Temp. to Vacation.
  6. Unplug all space heaters, coffee pot and toaster oven, Including heaters in lofts.
  7. Turn lights off.
  8. Empty the dishwasher.
  9. Clean perishables in refrig.
  10. Take trash to cans in bear-proof container and be sure the bear bin door is closed securely.
  11. We usually leave the water on, but if asked, turn water shut-off lever to OFF (towards you)
  12. Leave keys on the kitchen table
  13. Lock outside doors including dead bolts on side and back bedroom.
    Lock the knob on the front door as you leave.
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 Emergency Preparedness Brochure

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  Outdoor fires are not allowed on windy days or in extreme dry conditions.

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North Tahoe Fire Dept.  911  or 530-583-6913
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