last updated 10 June 2024
Seasonal Fire Restrictions usually go into effect from the end of May to the middle of October.
In 2023 it went from the end of June (because of the record snowfall).
They will be in effect until November according to Tahoe Weekly

Wood and charcoal fires are banned during the Restricted Periods (end of May to the middle of October)
All forms of open flame are banned during red flag days.

What is allowed are

Truckee Ranger District, Truckee, CA (530) 587-3558
10811 Stockrest Springs rd., Truckee

The latest flyer, which describes what is allowed during restrictions was 2021. It was still current in 2024. Fire Restrictions Flyer

This banner nay be displayed at various locations along Hwy 89.

Red Flag Warnings are forecast warnings issued by the United States National Weather Service when warm temperatures, very low humidity, and stronger winds are expected to combine to produce an increased risk of fire danger within 24 hours.

During Red Flag critical fire weather, any type of outdoor open flames are banned. This includes gas, propane or pellet BBQs and smokers.

See Red Flag Warning |Tahoe City|

In 2022 there were no red flag warnings for the first time in 11 years,

The following came from A page dedicated to red flag warning that has the following information that you can print and have in your home
Red Flag Warning |Tahoe City|

The fire pit in the yard with the table over it is not to be used at any time without a personal campfire permit.

Additional Fire and Life Safety Resources:

A page dedicated to red flag warning that has the following information that you can print and have in your home
Red Flag Warning |Tahoe City|
Modified printable version here

Emergency Preparedness Guide Emergency Prepare |Tahoe City| North Tahoe Fire Protection District

Defensible Space |Tahoe City|
Curbside Chipping
Defensible Space Inspection

Cal Fire - Campfire Permit - Ready for Wildfire

222 Fairway Dr. - PO Box 5879
Tahoe City, CA 96145
(P) 530-583-6911

Homewood Fire Station (Not always staffed)
Just past West Shore Sports south of the cabin.
5425 West Lake Boulevard

Burn-Days |
You may only burn dry vegetation from the property where it was grown. Previous burn day information is not available. Placer County also has a chipper program that can help reduce large burn piles to small biodegradable chip piles.
800-998-BURN (2876)
permit required
8AM - 6PM

How are burn days decided?

  • The height values are obtained from 500-mb forecast weather charts.
  • 500-mb heights typically average 18,300 feet above sea level.
  • High 500-mb heights are related to sinking air through the air column, which tends to be more stable.
  • Stability is a measure of the atmosphere’s ability to lift smoke away from the ground. A more stable atmosphere indicates less plume rise, whereas an unstable atmosphere suggests good conditions for plume rise.

  • Burn Restrictions |Tahoe City| North Tahoe Fire Protection District

    2017 Notes:
    North Tahoe Fire Department | Burn Restrictions & Burn Permits They say,

    What kind of outdoor fire can I have?
    Several types of outdoor fireplaces are allowed any time. They include the following:

    Liquid Natural Gas                                        Properly Screened Word Burning
    LNG Outdoor Fireplace LNG Outdoor Fireplace  Grill/BBQ    Fireplace or Chiminea

    Burn permits are required for burning refuse. There are instructions at the above web site for obtaining a permit.
    There are rules like the following:
    Don't burn on Red Flag Warning: - See above

    Outdoor fire screens:
    They didn't have any information on outdoor stoves with chimneys. When I called all they said is they must have a spark arrestor screen.

    Spark arrester screens come with 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" mesh.
    Some areas, particularly those in or near woodlands, have building codes that require all chimney caps to have 1/2" spark arrestors.
    At Placer County Residential Plan Review they specify 1/2" screen.

      I had trouble finding a screened stove pipe cap for our outdoor stove. There are ones for $80+ designed for house chimneys.

    I finally found one at Rain Cap - 6" 1/4" mesh - Colorado Cylinder Stoves - $26

                                                                     : Spark Screen for Fire Pits, 40" $133
    See also Chimney Cap Buying Guide |

    North Tahoe Fire Protection District | TRPA

    US Forest Service (USFS) Land:
    Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Tahoe - Eldorado National Forest (CAZ269) | National Weather Service

    US Forest Service Alerts & Notices:
    Fire restrictions and guidelines for the Tahoe National Forest | fs.usda
    Campfire permits |fs.usda
      Lake Tahoe Basin Mgt Unit
      Tahoe National Forest
      Eldorado Forest Fire Info

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    Faqs | Living With Fire Tahoe
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