Folding down soft top
All About Jeep Soft Tops - The Fun Times Guide to Jeeping
Putting up Soft Top
Move top up to window and engage but don't header latch.
Tuck drip rail retainers in.
Tuck sail pannels in.
Fasten Quarter windows at rear with velcro.
Engage zipper and sip 2".
Tuck door rail ratainer.
Tuck body side retainers in starting at front.
Close Zipper and fold velcor in.
Putting Soft Top Down
Remove side windows:
 Undo Velcro
 unzip and untick bottom retainer as you go
Unclip header latch
untuck drip rail retainers starting at the rear
Untuck sail pannels

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last updated 20 Aug 2006