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Death Wobble is the violent shaking of the wheel, the Jeep itself shaking like crazy, usually on lifted jeeps. Toe-in, caster setting, and tire balance all help contribute to the beginning of a wobble. Loose/worn parts like the front track bar, steering, and control arm bushings contribute to the second phase, when the wobble is exaggerated into DW.

I like to start with the cheapest option first, which is tightening up all the loose components on your Jeep. Here are the common torque specs for a Wrangler:

Ft. Lbs. (max - min)
Shock Absorber Upper Nut 23 - 17 
Shock Absorber Lower Nut 28 - 25
Suspension Arm Lower Axle Bracket Nut 176 - 130
Suspension Arm Lower Frame Bracket Nut 176 - 130
Suspension Arm Upper Axle Bracket Nut 81 - 60
Suspension Arm Upper Frame Bracket Bolt 81 - 60
Stabilizer Bar Retainer Bolts 61 - 45
Stabilizer Bar Link Upper Nut 61 - 45
Stabilizer Bar Link Lower Bolt 102 - 75
Trackbar Ball Stud Nut 81 - 60
Track Bar Axle Bracket Bolt 47 - 40
Hub/Bearing Bolts 102 - 75
Hub/Bearing Axle Nut 237 - 175
Jounce Cup Bolt 42 - 31
Unbalanced tires - unbalanced tires will cause (or at least exacerbate) death wobble. Try moving your front tires to the back and see if there is a difference, if there is then pay to have them balanced.

Trackbar - Check to see if your axle is out of center (if the axle sticks out farther on the driver side than the passenger). This is caused by a trackbar that is too short. Also check that your trackbar is tight, and the mount holes have not "wobbled out". Verify that your track bar bushings are good, and don't have any slop in them.

Worn tie-rod ends - A worn or bent tie-rod end will allow more play in your steering system, and can cause death wobble. A good method to check for slop in your tie rod is to jack up the front of your Jeep, grasp a front tire at the 9 and 3 o'clock position and wiggle the tire. Have a friend watch the tie rod for any movement.

Worn wheel bearings - Worn wheel bearing will contribute to Death Wobble as well. Lift your front axle up, and grasp your tire at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions and attempt to wiggle your tire. If you feel any movement then you've likely got worn wheel bearings and they should be replaced.

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last updated 22 May 2007