A sample of pages from a 230 page report, "A Historical and Archaeological Study of Washington Valley Park,
East of Middle Brook including Part of the Sight of Wayne's Brigade Encampment of 1777
was prepared for The Somerset County Park Commission by
Hunter Research in 2003.
The report is available at The Somerset County Cultural and Heritage Commission in Somerville. Contact: Thomas D'Amico, Historic Sites Coordinator, (908) 231-7106.

My only find:
I did a lot of excavating around McBrides Rock to make it more accessable and kept a lookout for any artifacts.
The only thing I found that looked promising was the square corner of a cobalt blue bottle (I guess it was a bottle).
It was about 1 - 1½ ft under the ground at the base of the rock, so had probably been around for a while.

Cobalt blue bottles are still made so there's no guarantee it's really old.
Some possibilities:
Historic Bottles of the British Military Used in the 18, 19 and 20th Century

I dug a lot of holes for planting and a fish pond in the 40 years I lived on Vosseller Ave.
across from Miller Ln, right in the middle of where Wayne's Brigade was camped, and never found anything.

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