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last updated 28 Aug 2023
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Small Rock Waterfall-008 -1' high x 2 deep x 3' wide $505 Universal Rocks, Garland Tx 972-412-7179.

SunJet Cascading Outdoor Rock Water Fountain with LED Lights $399

- 39" L x 15" W x 19" H Creek Waterfall

Waterfall kit $784 Garden Gnomes Etc

31" high, 41" wide, 33" deep

How to build a small backyard waterfall: Tips and Tricks | Aquascape $1,400
Eastern PA and NJ
Building instructions YouTube- DIY Backyard Waterfall Kit

Liner underlayment
45 mil rubber liner

EasyPro Waterfall foam EasyPro  at UnderwaterWarehouse
EasyPro Pump Vault

Just-A-Falls Waterfall Kit Installation Instructions | EasyPro

Suppliers - Dealers:
Underwater Warehouse Supplies PA, NJ
Building a Backyard Waterfall: Tips and Tricks
Aquascape 901 AquaLand Way, St. Charles, IL
N. California
Complete Ponds Roseville
AquScapes Wataerfall and pond Repair - Sacramento, Roseville
Aquatic Artscapes (916) 687 - 8086 near Elk Grove but not open to the public.

easypro-waterfall-foam Aquascape mostly supplies and pond kits.
Building a Backyard Waterfall: Tips and Tricks
Ortho's All about Building Waterfalls, Ponds, and Streams
Garden and Pond Products | Universal Rocks

Complete Ponds Roseville
3 Stages of a Well-Built Pond: 1, 2, 3