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Treadmills and calories Exercising on a treadmill burned more calories than workouts on stairclimber, rowing machine, stationary bike or cross-country ski simulator, according to a study in The Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Subjects exercised at fairly light, medium and hard intensities, and researchers measured oxygen uptake, heart rate and blood lactate during the final two minutes of each workout. Even at the easiest intensity, those on the treadmill burned the most calories. "Any of the machines could be used if the prime motivation for exercising is cardiovascular fitness," said researcher Niall A Moyna. "However, if burning calories is the main objective, the treadmill would be the exercise of choice for both men and women, followed closely by the skier."

aerobics vs strenght training

An article on aerobics vs strength training, by Greg Anderson claims that "Steady state activities such as running, cycling, dancing, etc. do not burn a significant number of calories! Aerobics can actually cause you to lose muscle tissue! It promotes strength training for a variety of reasons. Every pound of muscle added to the body of an adult female will require an additional 75-100 calories per day just to keep it alive. Irving Dardik, MD, former vascular surgeon, contends that: "The basic concept of aerobics conditioning is wrong." He also contends that the best way to train the vascular system is to build flexibility into its response by using short bouts of elevation followed by sudden recovery, then demanding activity again.
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