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Coronavirus Safety - Prevention - Treatment
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last updated 20 Sept 2020
How it Spreads:
  • A study in China published around Aug 20th in "Clinical Infectious Diseases" says,
    "They tested breath samples of 49 COVID-19 patients from 10 countries, 4 hospitalized patients without COVID-19, and 15 healthy people from Beijing.
    Of the exhaled breath samples, 26.9% were positive for RNA from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, while 3.8% of air samples and 5.4% of surface swabs tested positive. The viral RNA breath emission rate was highest in the first stages of disease."
    See Yet more data support COVID-19 aerosol transmission | CIDRAP Aug 31"
  • The CDC still says to disinfect surfaces.
    How to Protect Yourself & Others | CDC Sept 11

    Breath samples from two patients were positive for coronavirus RNA, but surface swabs of their cell phones, hands, and toilets were negative. Viral RNA was also detected on an air ventilation duct below another patient's bed."

    How to Protect Yourself | CDC:
    Cloth Face Coverings,
    How NOT to Wear a Mask - The New York Times