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last updated 12 July 2021

Mortality - Case Fatality Rate (CFR) - Deaths as a percent of cases.

During an outbreak of a pandemic the CFR is a poor measure of the mortality risk of the disease. Actual infections are greater than confirmed cases and there is a lag between case counts and deaths.
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Deaths per million

On April 21st India had 265,000 new cases per day surpassing the previous high in US with 251,000 cases per day on January 8th.
On April 28th India had 350,000 new cases (a 4.5% increase per day) driving the world count of new cases to 824,000. This is 14% above the world count in January which peaked at 740,000.

A July 20 report suggests tha India’s Covid-19 Death Toll Is Likely in the Millions | WSJ
India has officially recorded more than 414,000 coronavirus deaths, but scientists and researchers have said that number undercounts the real toll.
They estimate the actual number of deaths is between 3.4 and 4.7 million.

The July 20 official world death toll was 4.1 million.

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Latin America:
A surge in Latin America in June 2021 has been attributed to the spread of the Brazil variant.

Total New cases

In early June 2020 when Brazil had the highest number of total new cases in the world, their government removed comprehensive numbers on coronavirus cases and deaths from the Health Ministry's website, claiming without offering evidence that state officials had been reporting inflated figures to secure more federal funding. The numbers were later brought back after a Supreme Court justice ordered the government to stop suppressing the data.

On June 3rd the W.H.O. warned of a surge of new infections in Africa, which could amount to a continental third wave as winter begins there.
in new cases which could amount to a continental third wave.

90% of the new cases reported in Africa are in Tunisia, South Africa, Uganda, Nambia, Botswana, and Zambia, but they make up less than 10% of the population. There is inadequate or no counting in many African countries.
The case rate for these 6 countries on July 12th was 350 new cases per day per million, which was higher than any other region in the world.
All other countries in Africa reported 16 or less new cases per million.

Africa Faces Third Wave as Vaccine Rollout Sputters - The New York Times, June 7.

The W.H.O. attributed the rise to loose compliance with social restrictions, and increasing travel along with the arrival of the winter season in southern Africa.

In the vast majority of countries on the African continent, most deaths are never formally registered, so the African death rate is much lower, 3.7% of world deaths.
Africa's maximum rate of infection was only 13 per million in July 2020.

The maximum number of new cases in other regions ranged from 300-470 per million.

Less than 2% of the population have received at least 1 dose of vaccine.

United Kingdom - England - Jan 9
New Variant:
UK and Ireland case rates have shot up since new variants of COVID-19 were discovered.
The U.K. variant was reported on December 14.
Some people are calling it a strain but a strain of a virus has distinct properties and a particular immune response. These are variants.

The South African variant was from three people from Ireland who traveled to South Africa over the Christmas holidays. They think it has been contained as of January 9.
The U.K. variant is more common than the South African variant in Ireland.
Estimates are that the new variant is 50 - 70% more contagious than the previously circulating form of the virus.

Current UK rates
Place Popu-
Cases Deaths Cases Deaths Posi-
Total New * Total New* % of
United Kingdom 66,650,000 3,072,349 59,653 81,431 915 4.6% 90 1,222 13.7

10 most populated countries Total and % infected. Dec 21
Pop Million Total Cases M % infected
United States 330 19.13 5.8%
Brazil 212 7.48 3.5%
Russia 143 3.02 2.1%
Mexico 129 1.38 1.1%
India 1,325 10.21 0.8%
Bangladesh 163 0.509 0.3%
Indonesia 273 0.713 0.3%
Pakistan 233 0.473 0.2%
China 1,394 0.96 0.1%
Nigeria 214 0.084 0.04%

Why Does the Pandemic Seem to Be Hitting Some Countries Harder Than Others? | The New Yorker Feb. 22, 2021 by writer Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Mukherjee says
"The usual trend of death from infectious diseases—malaria, typhoid, diphtheria, H.I.V.—follows a dismal pattern. Lower-income countries are hardest hit, with high-income countries the least affected. But if you look at the pattern of COVID-19 deaths reported per capita—deaths, not infections—Belgium, Italy, Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom are among the worst off. The reported death rate in India, which has 1.3 billion people and a rickety, ad-hoc public-health infrastructure, is roughly a tenth of what it is in the United States. In Nigeria, with a population of some two hundred million, the reported death rate is less than a hundredth of the U.S. rate."

There are a variety of theories such as:

researchers at Imperial College London enlisted these variables in building models of COVID-19 mortality. But it didn't work in South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.
None of which stand out as the primary reason.

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