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Q: Where can you buy or rent equipment?
A: see Equipment Rental and Stores

Q:  Do we need to get maps, or will you or Sierra be providing them?
A: We will provide maps.
There are topo maps for our proposed campsites you can print out at:
Sand Ridge Lake (
Lola Montez Lake (
Because of extra heavy snow this year (5th highest in 140 years)
we may have to change our campsites.

See also maps on the trails page for USGS quadrangles.
The USGS quadrangles you would need are the Soda Springs and Webber Pk 7.5' maps,
but they are not necessary.

Q: Do we also need a day pack?  
A: Day 6 is a layover day where you will have opportunity to do a day hike
   or just hang around camp, swim, read, ...
So, you might want to bring a day pack or fanny pack for your lunch and some water
if you needed a carry-on anyway,
however your backpack will work by just synching down the compression straps.
I'll throw a couple of extra day packs in if you want to borrow one.
Q: Do I need trowel/shovel for toilet use? New
A: No; The leaders will carry a couple of small trowels so you can dig your cat holes.
For more information see:
See Backcountry Hygene from LowerGear Rentals
or if you really want the low down get a copy of
How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art
also the Toilet Paper Issue page here.

Q: Should we bring a water filter? I think it mentions it on the supply list.
A: No. We will start each backpack w/ full water containers from the lodge, so there really won't be that much extra that we will need, and we will mostly treat the water we do need with iodine pills or by boiling.

Q: Do I need a tarp for under my tent?
A: A ground cloth (piece of plastic), or footprint (usually coated nylon sold by the tent manufacturer) is useful for:
a. Protecting the tent floor from the abrasion of sticks and stones, and it adds an extra layer of waterproofing below your tent.
b. Use with the rain fly only to reduce weight, however this arrangement will not protect you from insects.
Francy uses a piece of clear plastic that she cuts to the exact ( or slightly smaller) size of the tent bottom.
Note: Be sure to tuck the ground cloth a little bit under your tent so that it doesn't stick out and collect rain that will run between the ground cloth and your tent floor. You want rain and dew to run below the ground cloth so that it can soak into the ground and not collect under your tent.

Q: At this time of year is it really necessary to bring long underwear (for the legs)?
It seems that the coldest part of the temperature range, we will be snug in our sleeping bags.
A: If you chill easily, yes, otherwise no. The Sierra Club just likes to play it safe. However, on a early September hike two years ago I told people to bring gloves. The first 3 days the temperatures were in the 60's and they asked why they needed gloves. On the 4th day we started the hike with snow on the ground.
The record low for July is 24 deg. I looked at several years of data for Soda Springs and on cold days with near freezing temps at night by 8 AM it was 45-53.

Q: Are you typically able to do carry-on with your backpack on the airplane, or do you have to check it?
A: You will probably have to check it. Since airlines have been charging for checked baggage people have started using more carry-ons and they are cracking down now. Check with your airline.

Q: Can we leave things at the lodge while we are camping?
A: Yes - You can leave things in your room.
There are lockers you can use if you have valuables, but you need to bring your own lock.

Q: Will my cell phone work? New
A: Cell phone reception is spotty. Most will work somewhere. My T-mobile works on the porch outside the library and in the parking lot by the road. Verizon tends to be a little better but will probably not work in your rooms.
  There is a phone you can use to make 800, 888, ... calls down the steps outside the Lewis & Clark Room (Living Room)
  Same goes for hikes. Phones will work in areas facing I-80 but will fade out after we go over the ridge.

Q: Is there Internet Wi-Fi at the Lodge? New

A: No, There is service for the staff and emergency access for leaders, but the Lodge committee voted not to equip it for guests.
See Truckee WiFi list

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