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 July 3 - Washington takes command of the army besieging Boston
 July 4 - Continental Congress approves the Declaration of Independence
 Nov 20 - Dec 7 - Washingdton's army retreats across NJ to PA
 Dec 26 - Washington wins the first Battle of Trenton
 Jan 2-3 - Washington wins again at Princeton
 Jan 6 - May 28 Main Continental Army encamped at Morristown, NJ
 The continental Army consists of about 100,000 men
 About twice that many served as militiamen (part time soldiers)
 May 28 - July 2 Army stationed at Middlebrook Heights (Middlebrook Encampment), on the first Range of the Watchung Mountains
 in Martinsville, NJ, so they can watch British General Howe and his troops in New Brunswick
  Howe keeps trying to draw Washington's outnumbered troops down to fight in the open ground below
 June 25-27 - Howe fails to destroy the Continental Army in NJ at the Battle of Short Hills 
   (What is now the Plainfield Country Club)
 July - General Howe heads from New Brunswick to Perth Amboy on his way to Statten Island 
  Aug 25 Main British Army sails from Statten Island to reach Philadelphia via the Chesapeake.
    They were afraid to take the shorter land route because of the Continental Army above
 Dec 11,1778 -  June 1779 2nd Middlebrook Encampment
June 20: Stono River, SC, Maj. Gen. Lincoln inflicts extensive British casualties in indecisive battle
December 1779 to June 1780.The entire Continental Army camped at Jockey Hollow - Wikipedia, Morristown,
 NJ (the harshest winter of the 18th century)

historic Town Names:
Quibbletown - New Market Area of Piscataway Spanktown - Rahway Middlebush - Franklin Township Middlebrook - Martinsville, Bound Brook Somerset Courthouse - Somerville Sampton - S. Plainfield Short Hills - Plainfield

Reconstructed hut at Jockey Hollow - Morristown National Historical Park
Redrawn map of Middlebrook Encampment.

This is A. A. Boom's redrawn version of a 1778 map titled "Road from Quibbletown to Amboy and places by Captain Scull.

Revolutionary New Jersey: Forgotten Towns and Crossroads of the American Revolution, by Robert Mayers.
New Jersey in the American Revolution, by Barbara J. Mitnick

Middlebrook Encampment
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