Brief Timeline:

1770 - Boston Massacure
1773 - Boston Tea Party
1775 - Minutemen and redcoats clash at Lexington and Concord
 George Washington named Commander in Chief
 Battle of Bunker Hill: The British drive the Americans from Breed's Hill
 July 3 - Washington takes command of the army besieging Boston
 July 4 - Continental Congress approves the Declaration of Independence
 Aug 27 - British win the Battle of Long Island
 Nov 20 - Dec 7 - Washingdton's army retreats across NJ to PA
 Dec 26 - Washington wins the first Battle of Trenton
 Jan 2-3 - Washington winds again at Princeton
 Jan 6 - May 28 Main Continental Army encamped at Morristown, NJ
 June 27 - Burgoyne leads a British Arm south form Canada into NY
 June 25-27 - Howe fails to destroy the Continental Army in NJ at the Battle of Sort Hills
 Aug 25 Main British Army sails from Ne York City to attack Philadelphia
 Sep 26 British occupy Philadelphia
 Dec 19 - June 18 Continental Army encamped at Valley Forge
 Dec 11 - June Min Continental Army encamped at Middlebrook, NJ 
Timeline of the American Revolutionary War

last updated 30 Mar 2004