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Joshua Bell plays at Metro Station

Perpetuum Jazzile,   an a cappella jazz choir from Slovenia,
   simulates a thunderstorm and sings Africa.

Helmet Cam - Avalanche , Others

Golf Ball size Hail stones

Doug Flutie's BC hail Mary

Danny MacAskill bike tricks in Edinburgh Scotland

Russian Car Ad

Jon Stewart - An Energy-Independent Future
  - Different Face Same Story - Last eight Presidents
Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore.
 - Jeff Daniels rant on the opening show of "The Newsroom" on HBO in 2012 

Ron Paul: What if the People Wake Up?

Richie Parker: Man born with no arms gets by


Steve Frayne - 3 tricks - (Walking on water) Safeshare.TV


Susan Boyle Scottish Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 High Quality! - YouTube

Jackie Evancho, 10 year old with an amazing voice sings To Believe
  See The Official Jackie Evancho Site


Hallelujah Chorus at Philadelphia Macys

Silent Monks and Hallelujah Chorus

Jacquie Lawson animated greeting cards:
   Snow Dog
   The Christmas Tree

Holliday Greeting Animation

Amazing Christmas display with 176 channels and 45,000 lights!
The show was so popular that it required a crew of 3 people to manage the traffic.
The creator started devoting full time to his lighting Display Company Holdman Lighting.
In 2012 they moved to the Valley Fair Mall in Salt Lake City with a new show.

12 Days (original from 1998) - YouTube - By Straight No Chaser,
  a professional a cappella group, which originated in 1996 at Indiana University.

Google Search for Cute Christmas Animations Star Trek christmas song Make It So Snowball, the dancing cockatoo's Snowy Christmas DVD - YouTube Nature Osprey fishing Other: video puzzle International Space Station (ISS) tour Animator vs. Animation

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