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iOS iOS is the same operating system as used on the iPhone and iPod.
See See iOS Versions under Computer Operating Systems.

iPad 1 vs 2


iPad 1                    iPad 2
Display is the same
WiFi is the same
Bluetooth is the same
Processor  1GHz A4       1GHz dual-core A5
Cellular data (1)
           3G              3G
 AT&T      EDGE, HSPA       EDGE, HSPA
 Verizon   (2)             EV-DO (3G)
 Cameras   none            Front and rear cameras (lo-res)
 720P HDMI output          1080p HDMI out
 Accelerometer             Accelerometer
2. iPad 1 only has an AT&T 3G option. You need an external 3G to wifi hotspot to use it with Verizon where there is no WiFi. Mifi (The size of a fat credit card) which you get for free with a 2 year data contract (min. $20/mo for 1GB) from Verizon will work.
See 3G or not below.

www.huliq.com/3257/ipad-1-vs-ipad-2-should-you-upgrade The iPad 2 has front- and rear-facing cameras (both < 1 M pixel). If you need FaceTime, that's an advantage. Both have 3G support (AT&T only for the 1), not 4G. Apple will eventually adopt 4G technology, though it is unclear when.

Bottom line: if you have an iPad 1, stick with it, unless you need FaceTime, and wait for the iPad 3 (Rumored in the Fall 2011), which will be a much more compelling hardware upgrade. On the other hand, if you really, really want an iPad 2, go for it. You almost certainly will not regret it.

Five Reasons Not to Buy an iPad 2 | Opinion | PCMag.com

3G or not?:
The 3G version is $130 more plus a data plan (min. $20/mo. for 1GB from Verizon or $15/mo for 250 MB from AT&T.
($20/mo. for 2 years at 4% interest works out to a Net present value of $300.)

The 3G verson of both 1 and 2 also have a real GPS unit; The WiFi only version determines your approximate location by triangulating on the WiFi networks it sees.
You need an external 3G to wifi hotspot to access the Internet where there is no WiFi. Mifi (The size of a fat credit card) which you get for free with a 2 year data contract (min. $20/mo for 1GB) from Verizon will work.
Some smart phones (e.g. iPhone 4, droid x) or another tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab ($200 with a 2 yr data contract) allow you to create a wifi hotspot (i.e. work like a Mifi).

3G option:
Don't have to have another device (usually with lower battery life [4 hrs. for miFi] )to access the Internet when no WiFi.
GPS included.
$130 more. Verizon MiFi is free with same data plan.
An external hotspot device allows other devices (e.g. your laptop) to connect to the Internet (up to 5 at a time).
You can upgrade external hot spot device to 4G, when available, without buying a new iPad.

Verizon's Mifi Card vs. AT&T 3G for iPad? at Forums.MacRumors.com

iPad 2 3G net freeze:

CNET directs our attention to a long and growing thread over at the official Apple support forums. In it, customers who purchased the Verizon EVDO-capable version of the iPad 2 say the device mysteriously loses 3G mobile broadband connectivity for no apparent reason. "The Verizon 3G cellular data intermittently stops working and will only come back on with a reboot of the device,

User tips and forums:
File Transfer and Syncing:
Transferring files from your Mac or PC to your iPad can be convoluted. Some things like contacts from Microsoft Outlook or AddressBook on a mac can be set up to sync thru iTunes or from Google Contacts. Others require a Apple MobileMe (iWeb) or Microsoft Exchange account.

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