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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Set up data transmission over USB - File Transfer
Load android file transfer app on Mac  (Can do up to 4 GB)

Settings - about - hit "Build number" 5 or 6 times to go to developer mode 
"Developer Options - USB configuration - MTP (Media Transer Protocol)
   [may get turned on on automatically by Android File Transfer]
Turn on Stay awake
It appears that USB debugging can be on or off

 if you want to copy files between your computer and your Android's SD card. 
Click on "Turn on USB Storage"

Transfer files with AirDroid app
AirDroid Android app store
Load AirDroid app (AirDroid.com)

Find Lost android
Load AirDroid app (AirDroid.com)
Go to AirDroid.com create a login
Load AirDroid app (AirDroid.com)

Old 2011
  1. Status Bar: Presents icons to show notifications, network status, battery power, and connection details. For a list of icons, see "Status Bar" on page 20.
  2. Home screen: The starting point for using your device. Place shortcuts, widgets and other items to customize your device to your needs.
  3. Widgets: Applications that run on the Home screen. These widgets are found on the Home screen by default. For more information, see "Widgets" on page 21.
  4. Shortcuts: Shortcuts to common applications.These shortcuts are found on the Home screen by default. For more information, see "Shortcuts" on page 23.
  5. Primary Shortcuts: Shortcuts to common features. For more information, see "Primary Shortcuts" on page 21.
  1. Menu Key: Press to display options for the current screen.
  2. Home Key: Press to display the Home screen. Press and hold to display recent applications or to launch Task Manager.
  3. Back Key: Press to return to the previous screen or option.
  4. Search Key: Press to launch Google Search, to search your device or the web.
Notification pannel:
Sweep your finger downward from the top of the screen.
  • Wi-Fi: Touch to enable or disable Wi-Fi. For more information, see "Wi-Fi" on page 74.
  • Bluetooth: Touch to enable or disable Bluetooth. For more information, see "Bluetooth" on page 77.
  • GPS: Touch to enable Standalone GPS services. For more information, see "Standalone GPS services" on page 106.
  • Sound mode: Touch to toggle Silent mode On or Off.
  • Orientation Lock: Touch to enable or disable Orientation Lock.

Android Apps
Sync contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab -- CompanionLink Software

Power Control Widget

  1. Wi-fi
  2. BLue Tooth
  3. GPS/location
  4. AutoSync
  5. Birghtness
Power Control Plus $2

Add widgets:
home > menu > + > widgets > [WIDGET]
Power Control - Shows status of connections

Verizon Backup Assistant is only available under contacts menu for contacts.
I don't need it because I sync my contacts with google contacts.

Samsung Galaxy Tab series (samsung.com)
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 USB Adapter for All your USB Hosting Needs only works with Android 3.1
Android Apps
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