extension	MIME
Windows Media Video Decode (4CC: WMV7, WMV8, WMV9) 
.3gp	3rd Generation Partnership Project. Multimedia over 3rd generation wireless networks. 
.afl	video/animaflex	Font file (for Allways) (Lotus 1-2-3)
.asr	video/x-ms-asf	Microsoft NetShow
.asx	video/x-ms-asf application/x-mplayer2	VXtreme (Microsoft streaming AV)
.avi	video/x-msvideo	Windows Video file. Format 34K Demo 340K Demo
.dat	video/dvd, video/mpeg	Video CD MPEG or MPEG1 Movie
.divx		Movie Encoded with DivX-codec
.flc	video/flc 	FLIC Animated Picture Autodesk 
.fli	video/x-fli 	FLIC Animated Picture Autodesk 
.flv	video/x-flv 	Flash Video
.m2ts	mpeg-2 transport stream - Blu-ray
.mov	video/quicktime	QuickTime digital video
.movie	video/x-sgi-movie	
.movie	video/x-sgi-movie	SGI "movieplayer" movie
.mpe	video/mpeg	MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group
.mpeg	video/mpeg	MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group
.mpg	video/mpeg	MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group
.mts	MPEG Transport stream AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition)
.qt 	video/quicktime	QuickTime
.vdo	video/vdo	VDOLive Script Video image (Story Board)
.vdo	video/vdo  (VDO)   VDOLive Web Site*
.vgm	video/x-videogram	
.vgp	video/x-videogram-plugin	
.vgx	video/x-videogram	
.viv	video/	VivoActive Player Video file
.vivo	video/	
.vob	video/dvd, video/mpeg	DVD Video Movie File
.webm	Open, high-quality video standard; stores video compressed using VP8 technology.
.wmv	video/x-ms-wmv	Windows Media Video
.wvx	video/x-ms-wvx	
.xdr	video/x-videogram	
 mpeg                                [RFC2045,RFC2046]
    quicktime      [Paul Lindner]  [Wolfe]  [McGinty]
    vnd.motorola.videop [McGinty]
    pointer [RFC2862]
    parityfec           [RFC3009]
    vnd.mpegurl				[Recktenwald]
    MP4V-ES [RFC3016]     

*	Windows Media Video Image (4CC: WMVP) 

*	MS MPEG-4 Decode (4CC: MP42, MP43) 
*	ISO MPEG-4 Decode (4CC: MP4S) 
*	Windows Media Video Screen v7 

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last updated 1 June 2004