Tahoe National Forest Radio Frequencies
Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol (TBSP) Radios
Order Abbrev. Channel Name and Tones Description BK
CH #
1st TBSP Tahoe NF Local Within a patrol. All areas. 5
2nd GRVAL-T1 Tahoe NF Net [tone 1 at (Mt. Rose]:
USFS dispatcher in Grass Valley, CA.
All normal communications with the Forest 2
3rd GRVAL-T5 Tahoe NF Net [tone 5 at Grouse Ridge]:
USFS dispatcher in Grass Valley
Service by Patrols operating in California 2
4th GRVAL-T6 Tahoe NF Net [tone 6 at Babbit Peak]:
USFS dispatcher in Grass Valley
5th GRVAL-T7 Tahoe NF Net [tone 6 at Squaw Peak] 2
6th MINDN-T1 Humboldt-Toiyabe NF Net [tone 1 at Slide Mt.]:
USFS dispatcher in Minden, NV.
All comm with Forest Service by patrols operating in NV (Tahoe Meadows). 8
7th LTBMU-T6 Lake Tahoe Basin Mgmt Unit (LTBMU) Net
[tone 6 at Babbit Peak]
Backup for BK Ch. 8 6
8th GRT_RACE TNSAR - Placer Search and Rescue (SAR) Repeater, Mt. Pluto Other rescue agency 9
9th CDF-T7 CDF Truckee Fire Net
[Tone 7 at Donner Pk]
10th WFIRE-1 White Fire I Other rescue agency, helicopter.
11th WFIRE-2 White Fire II Other rescue agency, helicopter.
12th WFIRE-3 White Fire III Outside rescue agency,helicopter. 11
13th NOAA Weather 14
NU Tahoe NF Fire Net [tones 1,5,6,7] By permission only 1
NU Donner Summit Fire Dept. (DSFD) Net 3
NU Donner Summit Fire Dept. (DSFD) Local 4
NU Calif. Dept. of Forestry (CDF) Net
[tones 6,7]
NU Search and Rescue (SAR)
(Washoe Red)
During SAR missions only. 12
NU Search and Rescue (SAR)
(Washoe Orange/Placer)
During SAR missions only. 13
Abbreviations: NU = Not Used, CP= Castle Peak, TM = Tahoe Meadows, GR = Great Race, BK = Bendix King, TNSAR= Tahoe Nordic, SAR, SAR = Search and Rescue, NF= National Forest
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