Auburn - Tahoe Back Country

Towns and other populated places

    Todd Valley (Use Foresthill PO)
    Yankee Jims (Use Colfax PO)
    Michigan Bluff (Use Foresthill PO)
    Iowa Hill (Use Colfax zip 95713)
    Balderson Station *
    Quintette *
    The Cedars (Use Soda Springs PO)
    Robinsons Flat *
    Westville *
    Last Chance *
    Deadwood *
    Mosquito Ridge Lookout *
    Wentworth Springs (Use Georgetown PO) 
    Parsley Bar Crossing *
    Gilberts *
* Not listed in Post Office DataBase

Maps (See map links in Lakes and Reservoirs above> Census Bureu Tiger Maps: Forest Hill to Tahoe , Georgetown Microsoft TerraServer Yahoo Map of route for the Tevis Cup Trail Ride Western States 100 mi. run. Lakes and Reservoirs Map at Yahoo Sugar Pine Reservoir and Forbes Campground (Map at Yahoo) French Meadows Reservoir and Recreation Site. (Map at Yahoo) Lewis Campground and Mosquito Ridge Road . Hell Hole Reservoir and Campground. (Map at Yahoo) Loon Lake Reservoir and Campground. (Map at Yahoo) Union Valley Reservoir and Powerhouse. (Map at Yahoo) Wentworth Springs Campground Buck Island Lake Rubicon Springs Spider Lake
Events and Activities Western States 100 Mile Run Tevis Cup Western States Trail Ride Rubicon jeep trail (Loon Lake to Tahoma) Rubicon Jeepers Jamboree (Georgetown to Tahoma) Off Hwy Vehicle (OHV) areas near Foresthill
I-80 Sierra Nevada.